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06-21-2010, 07:15 AM
I just got done watching this movie and I enjoyed the entire thing. The length of the movie and plot development was perfectly transitioned and timed. The characters were developed almost flawlessly and had no poor acting what so ever.

This is a religious based movie, but it does not reflect so much on religion, rather it reflects on how religion is used. The scenes were very solidifying and bold, as well as the meaning of the journey. This movie also reminded me of the game Fallout because of the post apocalyptic nature.

In the end, the biggest surprise (please don't ruin the movie if you've seen it) really threw me back. It was probably the best blind side surprise I have ever seen in a movie.

All in all, I give the movie a 9.5/10 total. The only thing lacking (personal opinion) is more combat. To be fair, it has plenty of combat and choreography, but I personally just like tons of fighting in a film. Make sure to buy this movie and watch it.

06-21-2010, 10:08 AM
it was def. enjoyable overall, although i disliked the opening sequence and needless cat-hunt and cat oil etc etc. No , really, it wasnt needed for us to understand that its a post-apoc wasteland. we kind of got that hint when the bandits jumped him.

anywhoo, was a pretty good flick, aside from my minor gripe :P

06-21-2010, 10:11 AM
it is a good film...

but does it deserve 2 threads on it?? ;)