View Full Version : Steady Shot III glitched?

devil in me
06-21-2010, 05:26 PM
Steady Shot III 30g - Complete US East Coast mission one without hitting friendlies

I'm not sure if this achievement is glitched or not but I ran through this mission at leat 10-12 times last night. I know I didn't hit any friendlies with the deck gun or mistakenly fired a torpedo and it never popped. I didn't hear it say "that was a friendly sir, watch your fire" The only thing I can think is that maybe when you shoot down an enemy plane and it hits a ship it is considering that friendly fire. I'll run it through it again tonight after work to see and update if it pops. If anyone has any info on it pls post a reply

I made a mistake and thought that the New York mission was part of the east coast missions and was trying for the no friendly hits on that one. I haven't yet got this one but there are people that have so it's safe to say it's not glitched and it was just me being a dumb ass.