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06-21-2010, 07:24 PM
Something I put together awhile back on the xbox forums. It's geared toward folks that are just starting the game and want to get the achievements without playing the game 4 times. Enjoy.

Ok, as far as the use of herbs, alchemy and choosing stats goes, here's my advice. (Keep in mind that I my advice comes from the perspective of someone who is an obsessive completionist with games and achievements)

Use your learning points to max out whatever attribute suits your warrior. Dexterity for Archers, Strength for Fighters. Wisdom has to be learned by exploring the world and reading the bookstands you'll find. You also develop wisdom by finding tablets in temples and other specific places. I wouldn't bother with ANY of the weapon skills at this point. I didn't have them and did just fine up to the end of Chapter 2. Plus it makes getting achievements tougher with the limited LP the game gives out. (Unless you don't mind playing games 4 times)

Anyway, don't bother with sneak, don't bother with gutting animals. Your best bet is to use your other learning points to get Alchemy up to 3 and lockpick up to 3. To get to that point, you'll be around level 12. Now, from there on out, don't touch anything!

Don't use ANY ogre roots, hero crowns, or pixie mushrooms. You will need them later for a potions that will give you a +5 boost to strength or dexterity for each one you take. You will need at least 20 of each of these plants unless you can find some of the rare strength and dexterity potions that are already in the world. Also, if you find these potions, DO NOT USE them until your attribute is at 100. Trainers can only train to 100, so if you use a +5 potion, you've just lost 5 points toward the full 200pts for your attributes.

Now then, gain 9 more levels and save 90 learning points and then save the game. Once you do, use your alchemy level 3 to plus up whatever attribute you already raised to 100 (200 is the real max):

(This example assumes you used strength as your max attribute, but applies to dexterity too. it also assumes that you have Wisdom already at 200. I don't recommend doing this until you have wisdom at 200 so that you can do it all at once. Once you near level 20, you'll be able to hold your own without stat boosts anyway if you followed the previous advice)

make 20 Strength Potions - 20 Hero Crowns, 20 Ogre Roots, 20 Wine, 20 Vials - take all 20 of these until your strength is at 200 points.


Use your 90 learning points to learn Dexterity all the way to 100. then:

make 20 Dexterity Potions - 20 Hero Crowns, 20 Pixie Hats, 20 wine, 20 Vials - Take all 20 of these until dexterity as at 200 points.

Sidenote: There are only 20 Hero Crowns in the entire game. (I've found 19 but have a strength potion in reserve)

Your achievement for Attribute Master and Expert should have popped at this point.


Once you've done that, you can pretty much use your learning points and potions how you like to fit your fighting style. Also consider your Weapon master achievements. You may want to use those 90 LP to max out your weapons of choice for that achievement and then reload another time before getting your stats the way you really want them.

This will save folks having to play the game 4 times. A similar method also helps you during the Mage run. (the .5 playthru)

06-22-2010, 09:23 AM
you say to max out the stat best suited for your fighter, so im assuming rather than strength or dex, i should put it into mana as im playing mage?

06-22-2010, 01:54 PM
Yup. You got it.