View Full Version : can anyone who has platinums?

06-27-2010, 10:40 PM
upload there videos on youtube to please try and help me see your techinque please

06-27-2010, 10:53 PM
These platinums are destroying me. I can't contemplate how the players on the leader boards are getting billions of points when I can barely manage millions.

06-27-2010, 10:56 PM
yea theres lots of glitches arleady

i have gold on about 60% of them i wouldnt mind 950GS tbh

06-28-2010, 12:52 AM
I have completely done the 1st 3 episodes and I've knocked out all platinums & gold on everything except 3-4 which i've only got a silver. The platinums are very obtainable if you find a good bear to use. I've stuck with the cop bear and then the general for a majority of the missions and can pretty much get gold on the 1st go of any mission with those 2. Use the ninja bear with max speed and pre equipped with the sword for the speed runs.

My best suggestion is to set traps near the BBQ (after traps are set sabotage the BBQ) and/or 1 door or window in a building the bears hang out in. Sit in cover and then LT for scaring and that usually gets them all stirred up and running into the traps. Once 2 or 3 hit the traps go down and scare at least 1-2 of them and run away to cover quickly. When they quiet down reset the traps and repeat. Some of the missions there may be 10-12 bears out at once so you may have to kill one or 2 off the traps to make it more manageable.

Your multiplier should still sit in the 50-75+ range a majority of the time if you can do this efficiently. The other thing is to try and stock pile weapons near where your going to sit in cover so if your pistol runs out you can still kill with something else (and swapping weapons for ultra kills gets more points).

Since the 3 bears I mentioned above blend in with everyone else you can move freely around the map, gather weapons to stockpile and take out the boat and car without really being bothered before you start the bear carnage :uzi:

06-28-2010, 03:47 AM
generally i go around sabotaging everything, and basically screaming at the bears, after i have removed the escape routes. Dont damage the phones or anything however as the cop bears come in handy for a little boost. just make the bears go insane, then eventually make them kill themselves infront of others. Usually i come out with bout 1 million in the first zone and then another million in the second so gaining the platinum isnt 2 difficult.

06-28-2010, 09:11 AM
-Use Master Naughty or Mr Myagi (They are strong, fast and silent) and run around the area and sabotage everything you can before touching any bears.

-Set traps at choke points. Wait for other bears to try and release their friends, you can scare two at once.

-You can force a bear to chase you into a trap by scaring them on the other side of it and they will chase you.

-Once a bear is insane or limping then leave it to wander around.

-Use Ultra Scares not ultra kills.

-Only destroy an item if its infront of another bear, else just sabotage it.

-Run up behind bears and scare them, Mr Myagi and Master Naughty are great at this as they are silent.

-Only ever Ultra Kill a bear if it's infront of 2 or more other bears.

-Unless its a speed challenge you don't have to use your weapon at all. With a fast character you can hit and fade back into trees. You never really need to engage the bears in combat at all.

-Learn where the freeze items are and save them for when you hit 100 combo.

-the third time someone tries to escape in a car/boat or call police then let them. You get alot of points the first few times but it's worth more to bring a cop to the island.

-The most important rule is that the points come not from what you do, but from what the other bears witness. If other bears see injured/insane bears. See you perform violence agaisnt other bears. See damaged or sabotaged items or hear your scares then you earn points. Killing bears with a weapon is wasteful, you earn much more by having them witness your naughtyness.