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06-28-2010, 09:12 AM
As the game never really explains the best ways to earn scores I thought a thread that gave tips/strategies might be good.

Add your own.

-Use Master Naughty or Mr Myagi (They are strong, fast and silent) and run around the area and sabotage everything you can before touching any bears.

-Set traps at choke points. Wait for other bears to try and release their friends, you can scare two at once.

-You can force a bear to chase you into a trap by scaring them on the other side of it and they will chase you.

-Once a bear is insane or limping then leave it to wander around.

-Use Ultra Scares not ultra kills.

-Only destroy an item if its infront of another bear, else just sabotage it.

-Run up behind bears and scare them, Mr Myagi and Master Naughty are great at this as they are silent.

-Only ever Ultra Kill a bear if it's infront of 2 or more other bears.

-Unless its a speed challenge you don't have to use your weapon at all. With a fast character you can hit and fade back into trees. You never really need to engage the bears in combat at all.

-Learn where the freeze items are and save them for when you hit 100 combo.

-the third time someone tries to escape in a car/boat or call police then let them. You get alot of points the first few times but it's worth more to bring a cop to the island.

-The most important rule is that the points come not from what you do, but from what the other bears witness. If other bears see injured/insane bears. See you perform violence against other bears. See damaged or sabotaged items or hear your scares then you earn points. Killing bears with a weapon is wasteful, you earn much more by having them witness your naughtyness.

06-28-2010, 10:23 AM
Nice tips, I use many of these myself and they really help :)

Akki Kitsune
06-29-2010, 10:21 AM
Those are good tips, for the top hat challenges I've been going round and trapping all the bears when their on their own, doing the scare to injure them as then it makes the threat level zero and its easier to drive them insane through sabatage and repeat trapping etc though the alien bears on 7-4 seem to take around 10mins to go insane