View Full Version : Server is not available! Please try again later?

07-03-2010, 06:32 PM
I figure i'd post this here instead of a 2 year old game forum that is dead, anyways my story & question is I just re bought Call of Juarez after 2 years & hosted 1 online match with a friend, I got 1 online achievement but then I went up the shop to get me some food & when I got back I booted up the Call of Juarez again, hosted a game, invited my friend & then on his end it says The Call of Juarez server is currently not available please try again later? it also said the same thing for me when we tried it vice versa! can anyone shed some light on this?

at 1st I thought maybe 1 of our routers was set to strict but we checked & they arent, I then tried Private chat with him, that also worked, then I thought i'd try & join a random game which also worked (so the server can't be down if other people are boosting) but when it comes to me & him trying join each others game it's just won't let us! WHY?

This game is driving me insane, 1st glitched achievements that make me get rid of the game then 2 years later I buy it back & now it won't even let me fucking play online. :(

If someone can figure this out I'd be most grateful.