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Hello one, hello all! Skip a majority of the following wrapped in the "quote" so you can know where to go to at the end =D. I love that option, I wrote it o_O I ain't stealing...and it's nothing special anyways.

Television has been around for some time now, nearly half a century of programming gracing (or polluting) our tubes, sets, flatscreens and walls. There are so many shows out there, some ending within 2-4 episodes (failed ideas that get stuck in a bad timeslot) and shows that seem to go on without end (Soap Operas).

How do you break TV down (you can't, if you're referring to me...I'M INVINCIBLE!)? It's the following:

Public Broadcasting

You can broaden that as you like, add things...change em up.


The main reason most of us watch TV are for the Series, and anything can have a series (even those godawful reality shows like Keeping up with the Kardashians...if you can purchase it in "Seasons", then it's a Series). Generally series last for a set amount of "Seasons", until either the writers decide it's time to end it or it becomes "cancelled" for one reason (bad ratings, public controversy) or another (losing appeal, becoming stale...) and ultimately breaks itself into that Final Season with a Grand Finale.

Most series start with that little thing called the Pilot episode. Some of them actually get real titles instead of just being "The Pilot", but the quality is that of a Soap Opera like Days of Our Lives and the way the Camera moves compliments that (it's not as still, professional and goodlooking). This quality can continue for the next 2 to 3 episodes until they hit a style that they'll stick with for awhile (or until the end of the series). Now pilots are those episodes that typically last longer than the normal ones (an hour long show might be an hour and a half...or a 30 minute show might break into 45 minutes or an hour)...but they won't always do this...basically, they're trying to introduce YOU the viewer to the world, characters, events and so on...and give the first episode a story of it's own to follow without feeling like more than "half of the second episode". These episodes are usually delivered to critics, reviewed and then appropriate response is aquired...then more episodes, yadda yadda...if it gets good ratings, we can see a series continuing either for 12-13 episodes or 22-25 episodes in it's full first season.

Episode Count for one season are based on the content of a story...just how many "filler" moments are you planning on inputting, how much detail do you want to give to the main plot of the first Season? Is episode count IMPORTANT to the theme of the show (like 24...being an hour for each episode, except on special occassions) or can it be a mere 12-13 episodes (like Dexter)? Most half-hour shows get at least 22 episodes per season due to nearly half the time-frame required by Dramas, thrillers, deeper comedies and otherwise. This usually occurs with Sitcoms, which are the usual half-hour kings (and can even be animated, like Family Guy and The Simpsons). More recently, quarter-hour shows have sprung up mostly on Adult Swim and have become a popular trend over there (Robot Chicken, Aqua Teen Hunger Force...) and still end up with the same episode count in a season as a normal Sitcom might. And of course everything else that usually takes an hour CAN shoot for 22 episodes, but it's more likely to see 12-13 for hour long series (if it's once a week especially...and doesn't get split up with the second half of the season being shown months later...thus you get 12 episodes now, then 12 episodes 3-4 months later).

Each series has a finale for every season, this is when the main story for that season comes to a close (or gets a new twist, that carries on to the next season) and for action/dramas...this typically means the death of a main character, supporting character or villain. If a series is only one season long entirely, this concludes everything...that means that one or more main characters will die...and almost all (if not all) the villains will have been killed in the end (depending on the theme of the show, not all shows involve death...). Season Finales and Series Finales differ greatly, as Series Finales can involve mass death of many main characters (even the LEAD character) and all of the baddies failing in their final goal. Now some Series Finales leave massive cliffhangers, much more than Season Finales (someone is shot and they close to the credits...leaving you to wait months to find out if they lived) and leave so many unanswered questions.

Note: A series will typically reach about 5 seasons on average, many going passed to at least 9...and some surpassing that number to hit 20 (The Simpsons).

Second Note: Some series are released in incomplete volumes, such as Naruto. Only a handful of episodes are included and two boxsets could vary well come from a solitary season. Naruto is split up into 16 uncut boxsets, while the total season count could be less than that...and then Naruto Shippuden picks up after that). Now the reason for these incomplete volumes is to prevent creation of extra discs, which Season DVD Boxsets of many episodes can spread to at least 6 different discs...while the usual, comfertable amount, is 3-4.

Third Note: Some series are never released on DVD (such as Gamespot TV-Extended Play-XPlay) and thus Seasons are determined by the viewer. More or less, seasons can then turn into "Years" like 1999...2000...2001, instead of being "Season 1, Season 2, Season 3". Huge series such as that, WWE, and otherwise don't really get Season names...




Then there's News, which dominates the lives of everyone 25+ and especially people over the age of 60 (they will KILL to watch their news programs). People like to hear what's going on...even if they forget about it the rest of the day, for some reason we're attracted to it...whether it be weather, wars, famine or celebrity BS like the Tiger Woods controversy.

News can be split up into various programming options...local, world, "spotlight news" on the stars and movies, video game news, anime news, just about anything that can either be specified or not. Most news programs, despite what they're mainly focused on, will pop into other cultures (such as video games referencing things that happen in politics, the war, celebrities...).

Typically News has Anchors or "Hosts" (as seen on smaller news shows), that will read out various stories or information in a entertaining or non-entertaining way to inform the viewers. Most times you probably already heard about it on the internet or from friends, or by viewing it yourself...but they still provide it for all those people who don't know. Aside from the Anchors, there are on-site reporters that detail specific stories, interview people and possibly endanger their lives to provide coverage over certain events.

The News is non-fictional, as it is what REALLY is happening in our world...and while some things may be added like jokes or special effects...the general idea is to present you non-fictional information so you can have it.

The News will crossover and detail information about the other types of Television such as Series, Events, etc....and will cover just about ANYTHING that is worth covering (like me).

Note: The News is generally boring, it's not something you would tune in and hope for a DVD release of ~_~ but certain documentaries ARE put on DVD.



While similar to News, it typically involves a lot of great minds and/or normal people to convey about a particular subject in history, environments, civilizations, and events. These are almost always pre-recorded and are typically released on DVDs for those who want to skip reading books...to just watch it in action.

Documentaries can provide violence, though it's typically toned down and not given special effects to make you go "oooh" and "ahhh"...and people typically talk with a tired voice, so you may start yawning if you're not interested in the subject.

Basically, a documentary talks about a specific subject and sticks with it for an hour, two hours, three hours (gets split into specials like for the 7 Deadily Sins) and teaches you a clear lesson on everything you could want to know about a person, place, time period or event. They're the best way for people to get involved with their learning...and show the world through a real-point of view rather than in explosions and colorful casts of characters with perfect lines and timing.


07-05-2010, 01:05 PM

Advertisements are commercials and infomercials. Basically, someone is trying to get you to buy something by showing it to you...but that's not the only reason for advertisements. They can be used to depict movies, series, news events, and just about everything else in the world. While it doesn't ask you to buy something, it is telling you to check something out in some way...either by listening to, testing, viewing, eating even...the things they show.

Commercials fill in the timegap left in half-hour and full-hour segments. Generally a TV show, while slated as 30 minutes long, is actually just under 23 minutes in length...(or 53 minutes) with the remaining time being put into commercials. Commercials are paid advertisements that MUST appear on certain networks, thus sponsoring these networks...and typically allow the viewer time to rest, stretch their arms, piss or get something to eat...so they don't constantly sit there (of course, being able to pause live TV nowadays makes these necessities anytime).

Sometimes commercials cross over into unwelcome territory, lasting anywhere from 3-10 minutes...and others just keep popping up back-to-back (Call Goldberg...800, blah blah...6 blah 1 4....and then resung by a woman, then by both in a second commercial), repeating constantly. This can really screw up a schedule, as some TV shows actually end up starting 4-20 minutes after their actual start-time...of course, Public Announcements ALSO effect these shows such as the President taking over your television.

Infomercials are those things you see on the TV guide saying "Paid Programming". They want you to buy something, they'll sit there for 30 minutes to 5 hours to make sure you want it...and will provide a phone number just so you can call in with your credit card number. Most Infomercials take place around 2-8 in the morning, during the Dead Air time...basically Dead Air means absolutely NOTHING INTERESTING is on (except for a few shows, that depending on your tastes, probably aren't interesting either) and most of the programming is replaced with infomercials. Now they can also take place during those times when a Network has nothing to air, which can be very random during the day...hell, some networks shut off for just 30 minutes or an hour to show you Bowflex...then go right back to their scheduled programming.



Events are things that are hyped up in on commercials, ads, everywhere...like Award Shows or Nascar. Football counts as well, so basiclaly anything Sports or Award related fits the bill.

Events take over television and ruin the scheduling a lot...or they completely stop airing other people's favorite TV shows (like Football or Basketball does on Sundays to Animation Domination on Fox). Events are very similar to Public Announcements as they may bore you or interest you and take over TV. However, Events do not impose themselves on multiple channels (like Haiti recovery acts) and typically stick to those they have been planned upon.

Event shows can also represent gameshows, majorly popular network shows like American Idol and other garnish.


Antenna TV, less than 15 channels and most of it "bleh"...this includes the weird-numbered shows that used to have names but now don't..."KET-whatever" for me is actually PBS...but go figure. And My-44 is...UPN? I don't know...

You'll find shows like Maury, Jerry Springer, Clifford, Curious George, and other local stuff to show off talkshows and whatnot. On top of that, since all these networks are free to view...they can be taken over at ANY time by Events and Public Announcements.

Regardless, these channels are the hellhole of people who like entertainment. The good shows are only on for...3-4 hours of the day and the rest are complete crap. Antenna TV is a last resort...and if you get it, trust me...the entire 15 channels will have something on a SET SCHEDULE For you to watch (when you get used to it). I also must mention that weekends are terrible for these networks, as there is absolutely NOTHING worth watching. What a way to get you out of the house, amirite?


Whenever the President Speaks or there is a National Crisis, World Disaster...anything that the News Channels would all cover at one time...then these are Public Announcements. A lot but not all Networks are shut off to show these things...and they're always boring to watch, take up a lot of time and fuckup schedules beyond recognition. Watching that Final episode of a Series? OH NO, THEY SKIPPED RIGHT BEFORE THE MAIN CHARACTER FACED OFF WITH THE VILLIAN! Then when they return to the Network, they return to "the Program that was now in session"...so you probably missed out on the ending of that show.

I have nothing else to say about these DREADFUL things...


Music Channels and Music Video Channels...while MTV is less Music that has ever been, there are still channels that dedicate themselves to music videos (and then, the Music Choice channels which are NOTHING but music). These channels cover everything...from classics to the thing that just came out yesterday. ...and that's all I have to say.

And Finally...


Reruns are episodes of a TV show that has already aired said episode. Reruns start back from the earliest TV shows and on, with only a handful of the total TV programming history being reshown...over...and over. Roseanne, The Cosby Show, hell even more recent shows like King of Queens...reruns are showed because these shows have a following...and they are THE THING to watch when there's nothing new and exciting on. I've spent more time watching reruns than new episodes, 20 lifetimes over.

Not every show gets reruns...but a lot do. And the thing about reran shows is they can dissapear off the air at any time...and then come back at a later time (Fresh Prince for example has done this, Roseanne...). They've created a network called TVland however, that shows these reruns to a great extent...with very few original programming (new anyways) of their own. And then Boomerang which is COMPLETELY DEDICATED to reruns (I don't think there's a new show anywhere on it since it got created) of all the now-nonexistent Hanna Barbara Toons. Ever since Cartoon Network started with their new shit, the good stuff (Dexter's Lab, Johnny Bravo) have all dissappeared...and ended up on Boomerang.

Some shows do have reruns, like recent ones...but they'll only reair an episode or two in the past previous weeks...just in case you missed the new one on Thursday or something. These can either be seen at a later timeframe or on another day, or you can catch it down the road on the same network (or in Adult Swim's case, you can catch Family Guy episodes 2 weeks after their premeire on Fox!...and when it's on Adult Swim, you get 2 CHANCES to see it).

Note: Another term is "Repeat".

So there's the jist of it, there's a few things I missed but...that's my take on TV.

Now we move onto what makes TV shows Popular and what Kills them. Ratings. That's all there is to say, plain and simple. Ratings. If a show has 5+ million viewers per episode, it's doing alright...but anywhere below that 1 million mark and you're in trouble...(unless you're a Segment Network like Adult Swim, which only exists during the nighttime...so 100-300K views is no biggy on their part...they're not even their own Network ;>_>). So say you come up with this new show right...it had its pilot and it did...okay. Now the next episodes hit and suddenly, you're losing views...this is just like Youtube! That first, amazing video in a series gets over 50K views...now suddenly your other videos are progressively getting less...and less...and less. It's because less people are watching the next part, either because the show/video didn't click with them or other reasons...so suddenly, the next video has even less!

Well, in the Television business...this means death. Ratings go down and the show gets canned...in TV Bizz, there is no reason to keep a failing show polluting the timeslot...so something else pops up to replace it, that WILL get views.

So you liked that thar 80's show? Or that spin-off of another series...oh...too bad, it got cancelled. The typical spin-off will meet death before it hits Season 2, and will most likely not complete the original deal of set episodes...and they generally end without the story being concluded in any real way at all. When a sudden death occurs on a TV show, you can almost gurantee the story dies with it...

Then there are shows that got amazing ratings...3 seasons in...and then on the 4th season, not-so-much. While it's still keeping up an amazing storyline and feel, people are interested in other things now...(the bad thing about the Primetime Spot is that...there is more than likely going to be ANOTHER new episode of another show on a different network that you will want to watch just as bad...and that leads to either recording, switching between channels or choosing something to watch...) and the appeal of the show has fallen from your grace, so you watch something else. This leads to them ending the series in regards to the still diehard fans, such as Prison Break. Could it have gone on? Maybe...but it ended at Season 4 (and The Final Break).

Dexter has been doing amazing for 4 seasons in and is hitting its 5th season soon...will it lose its flare come 5th season? Or can we expect it to continue to a 6th...maybe 7th? All depends on views.

And that's all I have to say for now, more later maybe...let's get on to the main discussion of this thread.

And now I'll post some more...

07-05-2010, 01:06 PM
And by that I mean, the subject of this thread (I just wanted to type that, it's TL;dr I know, but this is the real subject of the thread).

So we all know there are Good Shows and Bad Shows out there. My question for you all is...what REALLY should stay and what needs to be taken off and burned in Hell?

If you don't care about listing the great shows, at least list the ones you feel SHOULD NOT EVEN BE ON TV, discuss your reasons and even ask questions as to "why they're even allowed on TV?"

Here's mine: I absolutely hate Tim and Eric: Awesome Show Great Job! The show is disgusting, the things they do are making me want to vomit and they may being "gay" an actual Sin. I think God saw this show and that's why he has the wrong impression on the Homosexual community...

A majority of Adult Swim programming follows that list, aside from third-party content (like Family Guy, King of the Hill), the only shows I'll bother with would be Robot Chicken, Metalacalypse and Aqua Teen Hunger Force. Everything else just...just I don't know, should be destroyed?

07-06-2010, 07:21 PM
Have to agree on some of Adult Swims Programing.

Here are some of the best shows.

Could add more but having a brain fart right now

07-07-2010, 12:07 AM
Best show on Tele is CHUCK no doubtt... 24 is also amazzing

07-07-2010, 06:57 AM
definitely CHUCK (Morgan rules:D)

07-07-2010, 10:24 AM
Jeffsterr ruleee lool

07-07-2010, 01:32 PM
The Wire. Still the best thing ever.

07-07-2010, 05:21 PM
Nahhh CHUCK!

07-11-2010, 01:52 PM
24 ftw! w0000t!

07-11-2010, 02:07 PM
3.fam guy
5.dr who

Starstrukk X360A
07-11-2010, 06:47 PM
^ Hey, I was wondering, do you like Chuck? I never knew if you did or didn't so I had to ask (:

Anywho, my personal preference would be very long (I watch a lot of TV compared to a majority of people.)

But my top three would be:
Good Eats

The only shows I'd actually like to see thrown off TV are the really weird ones on TLC; I actually don't mind the stuff on MTV. The only two shows I watch on TLC are What Not to Wear and Say Yes to the Dress.

Everything else is...yeahhhh.

07-11-2010, 07:01 PM
Some of the best shows I think are
Burn Notice(USA)-I just love the story and the way Michael gets things done, being a burned spy really keeps you busy in Miami so don't forget your yogurt.

Supernatural(CW)-I know a lot of girls watch this case OH EMM GEEE SAM AND DEAN ARE SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOT!!!!1!!1!1 :D:D:D whatever chicks, its got action, demons and angels fighting, ghosts and a real funny sense of humor

Rescue Me(FX)-being a volunteer firefighter myself, i wanna go fulltime but medical problems limit me, i love this show and Denis Leary can be the asshole, fallguy and the underdog all at once

Sons of Anarchy(FX)-I didnt really watch it that much until my nephew told me about it, and i did and wow, gritty, dark humorus and has weight in emotion behind it (Example the mother of the MC gets raped by white supremicasts and the hell the KKK gets is just awsome) i recomend it for anyone

But shows that have no earthly buisness being on air are
Jeresy shore(MTV) WTF? seriously do we need to see a bunch of (and please dont flame me or report me for racism this is their word) guido's hangin out being all yea I'm cool, yea i'ma get that bitch drunk n f*ck her! whatever i need to rinse my eyes with bleach excuse me

idk the name(A&E) its about parents who put their kids in f*cking beauty pagents.......F*CKING BEAUTY PAGENTS!!!!!!!!!!! WTF!!! your dreams of being a model are over and now you take your wanton frustration about it out on your children and make THEM compete.....yea parent of the year bend over and I'll give you your trophy, one good thing i suppose, if you can call it that, is that it keeps pedophiles glued to their TVs

And......well any reality show honestly none of them make sense how real is it for myself a 27 year old american male with a GF and a baby on the way to hear about some damn woman who cant keep her legs closed and doesnt know what the power of no is have 18 or 19 or 361 kids survive with them and her husband........................................... ...............................I'm depressed now...wheres the liqour wheres the gun wheres the liqour wheres the gun

07-11-2010, 08:35 PM
Ah yes Supernatural is good,
24 is also good been watching all the seasons on Netflix. Also kinda alternating between Lost as well, but I'm not so sure if I really want to watch that.

Heroes is always good, but pisses you off uncontrollably at the same time, but yet you succumb to its will to watch it every Monday.

07-11-2010, 10:04 PM
Thanks so much for explaining what a documentary was. I'd never have guessed. I'd been talking to my pals about how great a documentary "The Pacifier" was, and I just couldn't imagine why they always laughed!

Man, I feel so stupid right now.

07-12-2010, 06:11 AM
Im an aussie and there is a show well worth your time that i dont think you guys in the rest of the world will have heard of. Its called underbelly its been running for three seasons now. Its based on the melbourne underworld and the gang killings in australia. Top show. Check it out if you have a minute.

07-12-2010, 10:21 AM
Course i like chuckk lol.. And i forgot about top geat :)

Spanish Assault
09-18-2010, 09:36 PM
The Office