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07-05-2010, 02:01 PM
Sniper: Ghost Warrior Review

First off, let me say that this title is not “terrible”, in my honest opinion it is “unpolished”. Plain and simple. First, the story. As a player we never really get to know who we’re controlling making the experience impersonal and detached, meaning we are only going through the motions of every other FPS we’ve played. The dialogue is just plain bland and the music doesn’t peak at the right moments. It’s hard to see the character’s mouth moving making it impossible to decide if the voiceover synchronization is good or bad. The story at the very least is intriguing, but it’s something we’ve all seen before. Betrayals, insane baddies bent on acquiring the means to level a mid size city, civilian saving. That brings me to another point, how pointless the civilian rescues are. It really means nothing to the story and there is absolutely no pay-off (at least give us an achievement for going out of our way to save a few civvies). Plot holes are all over the place leaving the player out in the cold assuming certain objectives are done. And, the ending. My sweet Lord the ending. “The End” that’s it? After six or so hours of (at times, a lot of times, painstaking) gameplay and a one shot kill all the developers could think of is “Fade to black and put ‘The End’ mid-screen”. The story leaves a lot to the imagination and leaves much more unsaid.

Now onto the gameplay. Sniper: Ghost Warrior takes a lot of cues from the Modern Warfare franchise. Especially the sniping/spotting moments, which are at least 80 percent of the game. But, justice is not given. The other 20 percent is dedicated to a second character giving the sniper support, or vice versa. That 20 percent is wasted with a bad aiming system and a very poor cover system. More than a few times I found myself stuck on or in nothing but a tree branch or a small box. Collecting the laptops was simple enough to throw in as a single collection objective. Finding them was doable, getting through the darn door was the hardest part. Every single laptop I encountered in a hut or other structure took at least three maddening taps on the jump button. Getting through the door was more satisfying than grabbing the laptop. The aiming system in “sniper mode” was decent, headshots aplenty, with a pretty neat little cutscene to show yourself exactly how hard you owned the guy a hundred yards away. The buttons and controls were easy to get the hang of. The aiming system took some time when you were firing at a longer distance.

The delivery could have been so much better, so much. It’s a great idea to have a purely sniping franchise. Every other FPS on the market incorporates a sniping element and it is incredibly popular. Why not have a franchise based on sniping alone? But, you have to get it right. This game, sadly, did not. The game would have been much better if they had stuck to the title and had you sniping the entire time. Running around with an assault rifle has very little stealth. Switch the frag grenades for smoke or markers for air support would have been a nice switch. Given, the frag grenades were un-cookable, and were handy maybe once. The stealth system was almost non-existent; hide in the bushes, wait, run as fast as the character can (which was pretty darn fast) to the next bush, rinse and repeat. The location was decent. Jungles and rivers, pretty standard. Infiltrating enemy camps without being detected was fun, but it would have been more fun if you could actually use stealth and not alert the enemies with a knife throw. So much more could have been done with your hook and rope, so much more could have been done all around to be honest.

Graphically and technically the game was pretty poor. The rifle would stick through solid cement and you’re bullets could be hindered by a slight misdirection at your own cover. Another few months, and possibly another publisher and this could have been a pretty good title. But, it seemed rushed and lacked polish.

The achievements are easy, time consuming to an extent, but still easy. Definitely use a guide for the laptops and you should have over 600 at the finale, if it can be called a finale. I have yet to play the multiplayer, but I’m expecting a lot of you (and me) to be boosting for those achievements. Luckily there are only four.

All in all, I had a decent experience with the game. It was definitely not the worst game I’ve ever played (yeah, I’m talkin’ to you King Kong). I wouldn’t buy it again, and thank God for the x360a “laptop guide” for not making me play through it again. If you are into shooters, then this game might be worth a rental, or a cheap used buy. The price tag for a new copy was nice to see, being less than ten dollars compared to other new titles.

Audio: 4 of 10
Visual: 5 of 10
Playability: 7 of 10
Delivery: 3 of 10
Achievements: 7 of 10

Overall: 5

*This is my first review of a game. So don’t be too harsh. :)

acurate bob
07-05-2010, 03:34 PM
I think that's about right what you say. It should be remembered that this is City Interactives first console game. So with that in mind I like it.

Besides I love sniping games. As long as the long range shooting is spot on.

07-05-2010, 03:53 PM
This is honestly the best review that I have seen, or at least the one I agree most with. Yes, its not the best game out there, but for City Interactive's first attempt at a console game, I think they did a solid job. People need to remember that it was 40 dollars for a reason.

I kinda look at this game like Two Worlds. The first one was very low budget and kinda sucked (I played it for a full night at a friends house, but never got really into it). However Two Worlds 2, on the other hand LOOKS to be a much better game. Now I could be completely wrong and it might suck. But what I am getting at is this game could just be a stepping stone for bigger and better things out of City Interactive.

07-05-2010, 07:12 PM
I would love to see them take another crack at Sniper: Ghost Warrior later. I had a lot of fun with the game and it's obvious that City Interactive has a whole lot of potential.