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Time To Rage
07-06-2010, 02:08 AM
Hello, I have been playing this game online for a while today and found some easy ways to complete some of the harder challenges. None of these are comfirmed, but they have all unlocked for me so I thought I would share.

Cause and Effect I, II and III - This requires you to barge 5 players at once, but to do this I simply turned on the Decoy Drop mod and dropped a barge power-up. Someone hit it and all three popped.

Level Afterburner, Backwards Thinking, Barge Specialist, Bolt Specialist, Mine Specialist (Possibly Pacifist, I already had it unlocked) - These all require you to win a race with the said power-up and only the said power-up, but for this I joined a Motor Mash game type and only used the said power-up. Each time I came in last, or near last but they still popped.

Pacifist - This requires you to win without any power-ups. Easiest to do in winning a hardcore game type.

Level 30 (Ace) - Ungaurded III and Thich Skin III - Requires you not to use shield or repair for 5 races, simply do hardcore or Motor Mash as none of these power-ups are there. (Can combo with the specialty challenges)

Hopefully these are all new and will help you guys, confirmation on them would be nice as well.

08-05-2010, 09:45 PM
Anyone else confirm that this has worked for them ?

08-06-2010, 09:58 AM
I can confirm that all of Afterburner, Backwards Thinking, Barge Specialist, Bolt Specialist and Mine Specialist unlocked for me in standard Race without coming in first. In fact, most of the times I came in last. I just picked one type of powerup and used only that (and used it at least once). If I picked up a different powerup type, I threw it away with the :ybut: button. For backwards thinking, I only used Shunt and Bolt powerups firing them backwards.

Also, for Unguarded and Thich Skin it's true that these pop up in Hardcore racing. I do believe these powerups DO appear in Motor Mash though. There's also a challenge that requires you to finish a number of races without damage. It's also possible to unlock this challenge in Hardcore racing (remember that crashing into a wall at high enough speed or someone else crashing into you does cause damage).