View Full Version : kill cop gordon?!

07-08-2010, 05:33 PM
i did exactly what i was suppose to do... got the costume, i placed a trap and when he got stuck i went up and pulled the right trigger and... NOTHING!!! can anyone please tell me what im doing wrong??? :confused:

07-08-2010, 05:52 PM
You have to kill him with the revolver, the weapon he starts out with or it doesn't count towards the achievement.

07-08-2010, 06:59 PM
You sure it was cop gordon? There are 4 cops who look identical - Buttercop, Copcake, Cop Curly and Cop Gordon. It is random which one comes to a call for help. Try hitting them to see which cop it is.

Also you need to kill him with an ultra kill. Beat on him with X with nothing other than the gun you start with as Cop Gordon, and then hit RT when it says to perform Cop Gordon's ultra kill.


07-09-2010, 04:07 AM
i finally got it. i wasnt doing it right... thanx for your help :)

07-11-2010, 10:49 PM
Hey I will have a video up shortly for that achievement on my guide, as soon as youtube get's its ass moving with its slow upload.