View Full Version : My Boss Blitz Routine...

04-17-2007, 01:51 AM
Alright, I was just as frusterated as all of you guys with the boss blitz achievement.
none of these other ones helped, so heres mine, it took me about 75 trys all together, but it worked, and when i say 75, i don't mean 75 using this strategy, but 75 trying to get the dumb achievement
first of all, get to boss 19, hes the only actual crazy hard dude
the other guys that gave me trouble were the 1 hit killers
the dude with the lightning arms, i stayed on one side of the screen and blasted his arms off
the wrecking ball, 2nd time around, and his dumb rocks that he chucks up with the ball, i died a lot there,
and the timing with the 9th and 18th boss, (the same guy) his laser eye, and the timing, and the rockets all together just are hard all together, beat them all and get to the 19th boss
so i thought, i need to use my nukes
i tried it on the first boss
just keep shooting at the guy with regular weapons and using your nukes at the same time, it took him down in like 9 seconds
so i thought, 19th boss is going down
i get there and i face him, i'm psyched and all and start using the nukes and stuff, hes got like 3 layers to him, the first one, he has the lasers that kill you in one hit by going in pairs in diff. directions, i used the nukes through all of them, and it took a layer off of him, while doing this, i also held up with the right analog stick to damage him more
then.. i forgot
he has those dumb atom bombs that kill you if they touch the ground, so i died
so the next time, i did the same thing with the nukes, which took him half of the way down with health, plus his layer was gone with the lasers, and the nukes came
for the regular nuke bombers in the game, i go right underneath them and aim straight up at them takin them out, i did that, and then after about 20 seconds of that, and taking out like 10 of the bombs, that layer came off
the third one i was just so psyched cause he just has like rockets i think that come out and go at ya, which were easily dodgable by me, shooting at the same time while dodging of course, and i killed him. that is the only logical way i can think of to help you guys, but it worked for me, the nukes were the key for me, taking away the hardest part FOR ME! the dumb lasers on the 19th boss
P.S. it took me like 45 seconds of constant shooting for the 19th bosses health to go down, he has a lot of it.
good luck:Bounce: