View Full Version : ? How do You get Points ? & General Tips

07-09-2010, 09:03 PM
i'm down to King of Moscow Drillers and God of Arctic Drillers. and i'm playing the moscow stage for some days now. over and over again. finishing somewhere between 1.800 and 2.500. so i THINK i'm some kind of close.
one thing that i dont understand is the way your points are accumulated.
sometimes i die on, lets say, stage 1.200 and get close to a million points. and then i die on stage 2.200 and end up with only 700.000 points.
my high-score is currently at 1.4 mio.
i wonder if it is more effective to go slow and look for big combos or hurry up and finish a stage very fast. pointwise. there must be some kind of trick, the top of the leaderboards have 19-14 billion points.

maybe anyone wants to share their highscores here?

another question to me is: how do i earn an extra life? what i got so far: you DO get a life at 200.000 points. you DO NOT get a life a 400.000 points. but somewhere between 200.000 and 600.000.

is there anyone on this side that has gotten God of Arctic Drills? that seems to be one of the hardest acade achievements.