View Full Version : SPV reissuing 4 pivotol Mass (band) albums

07-10-2010, 09:34 AM
This Tuesday, SPV/Steamhammer Records is planning to reissue four albums by the band Mass. Why am I posting this? Well, because these four albums are great. Well, three are, but all four are great in the sense of you watch this band grow into a professional band and go from generic rock and roll band from the late 70's to early 80's New Wave of British Heavy Metal band (ironically from Germany) in the vain of Judas Priest with some material that I find better then earlier Judas Priest at times, such as the song Lose and Booze off their War Law album.

I think they are an interesting group that really became whole when they introduced Metal to their sound, and I'm actually really glad that these are being reissued. I'm actually interested in finding all 8 of their vinyl releases just to hear their progression right from the start because of how interesting it is. Unfortunately these reissues stop at War Law, and there's one album left after that, and I'd LOVE to hear it. Maybe they'll reissue the other four at a later date.

Anyone here ever heard of this band and have anything to say about them?