View Full Version : Quick question regarding Nightmare playthrough.

07-11-2010, 08:31 PM
Hi all.

Just wanted to get an outsiders knowledge on whether or not i'll be ok after this..

I was playing through on Nightmare after getting all the other Achievements except the nightmare manuscrips and hard and nightmare playthroughs.

I was collecting the 15 nightmare manuscrips and i got to number 8 which is at the farm where you have to get it off the outhouse, anyway i went to close the stage not sure on where the cabin was, and it launched the stage defence scene and afterwards when i realised where the manuscript was it was too late as the gate to the cabin was now closed and there was no way back.

So i exited after reaching my next checkpoint and loaded Episode 4 from the "farm" checkpoint and continued again as normal collecting the manuscript and when i checked my stats it is all in order and i have everything i should.

My question is will i still unlock the Hard/Nightmare completion Achievements?

All i did was revert slightly back to where i already was but just a few checkpoints back, i assume that this will be ok as the game will have already registered that i have played through that far on Nightmare already, but i was just hoping someone could clarify?

I am hopeful though because during my Normal playthrough when i was going for "a day in the life" (episode 5 where you have to do the first part without dieing) i did it once and it didn't unlock for some reason.

so i exited the game and reloaded the start of the mission and played through again, got the Achievement and then at the end got the Achievement for completing the game so it should be fine... right?

07-12-2010, 02:43 PM
You should be fine, no reason for it not to register. Good luck.