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07-13-2010, 01:49 AM
Does anyone have any tips on how to get enough points for a platinum in the top hat challenges. I've been trying 1-4 for hours. The best I can get is 2.1 mil. I've been getting platinums pretty easily for everything else. But these top hats are killing me. I've tried everything... sabotaging everything, trapping, super scaring them when they are fixing or de-trapping. But it seems like after awhile, the points barley go up and i can't keep the multiplier up high enough. By the time I can get some of the bears to go insane, it's almost as if all the other bears are immune to seeing it. I've been using the ninja costume. Is there a better costume? I've seen on the leaderboards that some people have like 3.2 mil. How the hell did they do that?

So I did some more experimenting and I finally managed something that worked. Here's what I did, it works almost every time for me now. I use the Master Miyagi costume. First, I trapped each bear and super scared it immediately after trapping. I did them one by one when they were away from other unhurt bears. I did this extremely quickly and was able to keep my multiplier up pretty high. Once all bears were limping and were no longer a threat, i began sabotaging everything except for the car, phone, and boat. You get more points from super scaring them while they are trying to escape. Let them call the for help (the more bears, the more points you can earn) and immediately after they call, run to the dock where the police boat comes and place a trap (I usually just place it in front of the door). Then super scare the cop bear when he gets caught in it. Once everything is sabotaged, I just ran around super scaring all the bears as they were trying to fix things. It got to the point where so many were going on at a time, that the display in the upper corner didn't show all of them, so I had to run around looking myself. I was able to get my multiplier up high and keep it there. This was a good time to use some freeze power ups. Once they slowed down on fixing, I would start laying traps and forcing them to walk into them and the super scare them and who ever was trying to help. Once I started getting very few points from super scaring and after a couple bears were insane, it was time to finish up by getting as many of them together as possible. I made the insane bears kill themselves in front of the others, and then killed the non insane ones with ultra-kills, making sure to switch weapons every time. Here I took advantage of more freeze power ups. I tried to make sure as many bears as possible saw the other bears get killed. I killed them all one by one, right after the other keeping my multiplier above 75. If any bears were repairing during this process, I just ultra killed them with the object to keep the kills mixed up better. Once all bears were dead, I destroyed all items, sabotaging them first if they weren't already, then destroyed the gifts last. Went to next stage and repeated.

07-15-2010, 03:34 PM
i give up with going for platinum in these challenges until a patch comes in to place, every time i get to platinum the game starts going jumpy then it freezes when i try to go back to naughty's hut :(

07-17-2010, 04:54 PM
Platinum in top hat challenges is sure difficult, I have it on 4/7 of em currently and I can post some tips for you to try if you tell me which episodes they are referring to as the strategy is diffrent for all :).

To the second poster, if you install the game that cuts down the freezing by about 3/4 and what I've found also helps is that right before the exit door if you pause the game for a brief moment (so that the screen changes) then go back and open the door, no freezing will occur :)