View Full Version : Washinton Art Museum - How do I kill the guards when there aren't any paintings?

07-13-2010, 01:10 PM
Hi guys, I have just gone through a painting which leads me to the upper floor where you face 2 guards.

Basically how do you kill them without getting hurt because the guard is infront of a painting and in order to kill them you have to get past him...which is impossible without getting hurt.

Also, if i just take a hit from him and go to the other guy in order to get the key from the painting I get hurt in the process which leaves me with 1 Life. After that I'm stuck in the corner and the only way out is to walk past the guard, everytime I do that I get killed. I've been stuck for like 30 minutes, WTF :S

EDIT: Wow, Derrrppppp, realised what I had to do -_-