View Full Version : Unlockable: Scrabble My Room Items

QuiCkz AleX
07-14-2010, 12:10 PM
Perform the actions below to unlock items for "My Room."

Scrabble Carpet - Finish a game of Scrabble without spelling a word shorter than 4 letters
Scrabble Clock - Make 5 words with letters that are on fire
Scrabble Coatrack - Make a 9 letter word in Scrabble
Scrabble Lamp - Reach the other side in a game of Scrabble bridge builders
Scrabble Mug - Win one game of Scrabble
Scrabble Picture - Win 20 Scrabble games
Scrabble Pillow - Complete one game of Scrabble on Xbox Live
Scrabble Poster - Win 5 games of Scrabble
Scrabble Slippers - Reach over an hour's playtime in Scrabble
Scrabble Statue - Use all your letters in one turn in Scrabble