View Full Version : 1vs100 is no more :/

07-16-2010, 06:38 PM
Microsoft announced today that after two successful seasons ”1 vs 100,” their flagship game on the Xbox LIVE Primetime platform, will not be returning. “1 vs 100″ was a new idea, a sort of MMO game show that took place at specific times of the week. It gathered over 114,000 players, all playing at the same time, through out its beta period, breaking the Guinness world record for the most contestants in a game show. Dave McCarthy, General Manager of Microsoft Game Studios said, “When we started on this journey, we knew we were creating an entirely new genre of entertainment that would be a continually evolving concept. We’re very proud of the ‘1 vs 100’ team and their accomplishments, and are excited to apply what we’ve learned to future programming.”
The “1 vs 100″ team is using what they’ve learn from “1 vs 100″ in future projects for Xbox LIVE. This may mean that more online game shows will be coming to Xbox LIVE in the future. The original trailers for Kinect featured a family playing an online game show together against another family. Perhaps this is what we can expect in the future.

Source (http://gamerscoreblog.com/press/archive/2010/07/15/kf049.aspx)