View Full Version : VERY EASY simple/complex/elaborate machines (only 1 catch)

LK Tien
07-19-2010, 08:36 AM
dunno if this has been mentioned but here goes: (spoilers maybe?)

there are 2 sidequests in part ii involving bandits disturbing the barren temple, when the king tells you to go clean out the shades the bandits released, seeing how its trials again theres this 1 trial with a shade miniboss that always drops on type of rare machine, to fail the trial you just need to make sure the regular shades are still alive and that u throw magic somewhere because thats the 1 rule, dont use mage, when the trial restarts you retain the item and the miniboss respawns - dropping another rare machine 100% of the time

rare machine every 5 seconds at the least! plus this is a good way to get a bunch of words too

the catch is if you did this sidequest already you can take advatage of this seet glitch

07-20-2010, 01:00 AM
I don't think the drops are a glitch. My experience was that all Giant Shades will only drop gold and it will be one of the 3 machine types. So you don't need to make it so complex, just go somewhere where there are respawning giant shades and keep killing them until you have the machines you need. The shrine in part 2 is a good spot as there are three giants that will respawn just by exiting and re-entering. The machines are probably the easisest 'rare' component to find in the whole game and you'll get a number anyway just from fighting the various giant shade bosses. I had way more than I needed by the time I finished farming everything else.