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07-19-2010, 05:11 PM
First off, I have noticed a slight glitch in the Glorious Liege (Beat the game on Grimm Difficulty) achievement. It appears that you don't get credit for beating the game on Grimm if you do it on a save file where you have already beaten the game in another difficulty.

For example, I beat the game on normal difficulty. Bought the Grimm difficulty, switched to it and then played through the whole game as a level select from the very opening video (including the tutorial). When I got to the end and beat the game I did not get the achievement. I tried playing through a bunch of levels again. I always used the continue option after my initial level select, no dice. So I started an entirely new save, played the levels needed to buy Grimm (I think it was the first two or three) and then used level select to start from the opening video again on Grimm. After that playthrough (being my 4th complete playthrough) the achievement unlocked as soon as I threw Charming off the stage in the last level.

So I repeat, don't waste your time trying to get the Grimm difficulty achievement on a save file where you have already beaten the game. If anyone has a different experience (such as getting the achievement under the conditions I just stated don't work), feel free to post details on how you did it.

07-19-2010, 05:29 PM
Getting surrounded by 3 enemies:
I have found you just have to work extra hard to make sure you get into a position where you keep all the attackers on one side of you. It is very rare that you have more than 3 people attacking you at a time (unless you run through the game and then they all catch up to you). The flying gryffons and witches are some of the hardest to keep on one side of you, and of course projectiles suck too. Make sure you watch for jumping knights and pirates that like to put themselves on the other side of you with a jump. With those types, try to keep them in a group together, if one of them gets too far away, they will jump at you and then surround you on the other side.

Fighting the Cyclops with Sleeping Beauty in the prison is pretty hard, given her slow punches and blocks. I found the easiest way to do it is to leave yourself enough space that you don't get knocked into a corner, face him and block until he goes for an uppercut. Punch him once and immediately block again. If you take any damage, wait for an uppercut and then run away from him. He will chase you if you run in circles and usually you can just barely out run him so you can heal before taking him on again.

There is also a Cyclops in the third chamber of the catacombs during that section where you are going down to the right and have to break through doors away from the thieves. Make sure you have enough fairy dust for a door pound before leaving the second chamber as you can bust right through the door and don't need to fight the cyclops.

On the last level with Artie, the sword attacks are so quick you don't even have to wait for the uppercut. Just hold block and right after EVERY attack from the cyclops, unblock, slice and block again. You can volley attack for attack and it is pretty quick to dispatch with him. There are more notes on the final level below.

He was not that hard on non-Grimm difficulty and all those methods would work. However, when on Grimm difficulty, even with Shrek's Knight Armor (which I highly recommend), it only takes two hits to be killed and have to start all over on him. This can happen very easily if you don't hit block fast enough when he starts to spin, and then you are dead.

Though annoying and time consuming, I have found the best way to defeat him is to face him in a block and wait for him to start spinning. Right after the axe passes over your head in his final spin, go and punch him then immediately block again. I tried using the strong punch (B-button) but found that all too often it didn't leave me enough time to block again before getting hit (thanks to slow fighting reaction times in the game). So I resorted to using the quick punch (X-button). If your screen starts flashing with damage (even just a little bit) hold the block button until he pushes you away with his spin attack (remember that you will get hit twice with the axe before you are out of his reach most times), then run away to the front of the screen and heal. It is very annoying but trust me you are going to want to run away at the first sign of damage as all he needs is one good unblocked hit at that point and you are gone. I have found it very hard to run away from him during any attack other than his spin attack, he has long arms. It takes a freakin long time to kill him but eventually he will anti-climatically fall to a small punch.

In addition, when you have to fight another one as Fiona in the catacombs I recommend the same tactic with the exception that you have to be a little more creative when you run away to heal. I always found it easiest to have him attacking you toward the screen in the center of the circle, then run over and stand between the pillars on the right when you need to heal. He will run right into the pillar and not be able to reach you. Then run out and around the bottom of the screen and lead him in a big circle so you can get in front of him again and make him attack you towards the screen. With Fiona, sometimes you can get her strong attacks in with the B-button easier than Shrek can.

This is just my method that proved to be pretty bullet-proof while obnoxiously tedious. Good luck.

Final Level:
In the last level, I actually found it very easy. If you keep moving around, and kill the witches first when they appear, then you can keep people on one side of you because they will line up behind you. I found the best place to be is to stop at the bottom of one of the staircases in front, after coming down the opposite staircase thus leading the enemies behind you to be standing in front as well. That way when you turn around to fight them they are all stuck in a single-file line as they can't get around each other or the staircase (and they are not smart enough to flank you from the stage). Made the cyclops a cinch since Artie's sword attacks are the fastest and his shield blocks are the strongest. I just took out the two knights and the cyclops one by one, they just waited in line behind each other waiting for their doom.

I was surprised how easy this level was, even on Grimm difficulty. Fighting the cyclops in the prison with Sleeping Beauty was probably the hardest for me.

Good luck. Feel free to post more tips for Grimm difficulty here.

07-28-2010, 11:23 PM
What do you mean you started an entirely new save? Did you use a memory card, or do you mean you deleted it off of your hard drive? Because there is no option to have multiple saved games on this game.

The way to start a new game on a different difficulty is to simply change it in options then use level select and start from the introduction level.

It sounds like you simply had a glitch occur in your game.

RK1 R33D
08-25-2010, 01:42 PM
The cyclops you have to face in Level 11 with Sleeping Beauty is a pain in the ass. I have restarted that level about 15 times now only being able to pass it without dying once only to die later on for my own stupidity.

What I did to defeat him was just running in circles and whenever he goes to uppercut I do the A+B. That seemed to work fine, but damn it this game is frustrating.

09-28-2010, 06:00 PM
This is the only achievement I have left. I got frustrated a few months ago and put it down. I may try again later.