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07-20-2010, 05:16 PM
hey can anyone give me on how to get some decent weapons, load of ammo, good armour, shed load of bottle caps n how to surivive longer in battles thanks for the help appreciate it.

07-21-2010, 12:11 AM
hey can anyone give me on how to get some decent weapons,

how about an overkill answer? here's a list of all the weapons in the game:


the ones in green are unique (special) and are usually significantly better than their normal counterparts.

load of ammo,

scrounger perk.

also, pick up any and every low-weight/high-value item you come across. 0-wg items are best: stimpaks, ammo you don't use, pre-war money, etc. anything with 0-wg is your friend. avoid useless stuff, ie: things that can't repair stuff you use/need, heavy objects with low value, etc. you'll figure this game out as you go along.

shed load of bottle caps

fortune finder perk.

and when you get to a merchant DO NOT let them run out caps. once they've hit their cap limit, they're out and you can keep opting to give them stuff for free. do not do this. instead, trade for anything useful and 0-wg, especially ammo, even ammo you don't use. if the merchant doesn't have anything like ammo left, and is out of caps, and you still have stuff to dump, walk away and find the next merchant. never drive their caps down to 0.

invest points in repair (and some in barter), and don't use items you can't repair. you'll sell items for higher costs, and be able to put junk weapons and armor to better use, freeing up inventory space. try to avoid paying for anything in the game -- instead, barter junk you've found. try to avoid repairs at merchants, unless you can barter all your junk away to get your caps back afterward. if you keep the caps going in one direction, you'll end up with lots of caps.

good armour,

the chinese stealth armor in op:anchorage (DLC) is easily the most useful item of any kind in the game. other than that, armor depends mostly on repair skill. oh, and get far enough in the story to get power armor training.

n how to surivive longer in battles thanks for the help appreciate it.

vats. sneak. good perks that increase damage and crit rate/damage. good weapons, in good condition. good armor, in good condition.

also, lower the difficult for a while. the game is actually fairly difficult right out of he vault.

07-21-2010, 01:47 AM
If you are having difficulties, then change the games difficulty level to easy or very easy. There really isnt any secret to surviving just know that you can use health items at any time. Armor doesnt really mean all that much.

07-21-2010, 02:40 AM
my best suggestion is to just start doing every quest you can and explore every building you come across. by exploring all the buildings you will find a ton of caps, ammo, and guns to sell for more caps. you will also find quite a few enemies to farm xp off of; along with the occasional random event (trapped person, raiders, etc.) just start off in the area around megaton and work your way out. i would avoid the left half of the map until later on in the game as you encounter large numbers of raiders and yao gui that would hurt a lower level. just start following the quest line and you will be drawn along a path of level appropriate areas to explore and find good amounts of loot in. also, to survive, use VATS to its fullest. it is a great way to score headshots that would otherwise be hard. aiming isnt the easiest in this game and VATS can be a lifesaver. also, if you're having trouble in areas like the tunnels; crank up the brightness on your tv. the most frustrating thing is to be shot and die without knowing where you were shot from or by what.