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07-22-2010, 09:50 PM
BUNT SKILL UP - Hit 15 sacrifice bunts successfully
BUNT SKILL DOWN - Attempt to hit 10 bunts
RUNNING SKILL UP - Play 5 games
JUMP SKILL UP - Make a big play and catch a ball 12 times
THROWING SPEED UP - Get 50 outs, not including fly balls
FIELDING POWER UP - Get 100 outs, not including strikeouts
RUNNING SKILL DOWN - Play through 90 innings
JUMP SKILL DOWN - Make a big play and catch a ball 25 times
THROWING SPEED DOWN - Throw a ball 100 times, excluding pitches
FIELDING POWER DOWN - Play through 30 innings
RUNNING SKILL UP - Score 60 runs
RUNNING SKILL DOWN - Allow 60 runs scored
CARD CANCEL - Use a card 30 times
TALENTS CANCEL - Use Talents 20 times
DEF POS CHANGE PROH ‘D - Change the fielding positions 25 times
CARDS PROHIBITED - Use a card 50 times
BUNT PROHIBITED - Attempt to hit 25 bunts
UPPER SWING ONLY - Complete the entire fielding training
LEVEL SWING ONLY - Complete the entire base-running training
GROUNDER ONLY - Complete the entire talents training
STRAIGHTFORWARD CARD - Play Tournament Mode for the first time
TIMING CARD - Get 30 strikeouts
CLIMAX CARD - Get 60 strikeouts
TEAM CLIMAX CARD - Win 3 games with a walk-off hit
HEALING CARD - Play 20 games
LINE DRIVE - Play Tournament Mode for the first time
BACK SPINNING - Hit 50 homers
SUDDEN DEATH - Play 5 extra-inning games
CHANCE CARD - Win 5 games with a walk-off hit
DOWN THE LINE - Hit 30 doubles
ADDED OUT - Play 35 games
REMOVED OUT - Play 40 games
ADDED INNING - Play Tournament Mode for the first time
SPITBALL - Get 30 ground outs
DIZZY SPELL - Finish card training
REVERSE RUNNING - Allow 15 runs scored
SINKING FASTBALL - Get high score in Challenge level in either Pitching Bowling or Darts
POP-UP DEATH - Get 100 fly outs
ACCIDENTAL THROW - Get high school in 2 miss rule in Around the Horn
TALENT MINI GAME BOOST - Use Talents 50 times
LOB PITCH - Get high score in 2 Challenge levels in either Pitching Bowling or Darts
PITCH SKILL UP - Finish all of Pitching Training
BATTING SKILL UP - Finish all the batting training
HIT TO THE GAP - Record high school in 5x5 Batting Frenzy
WIN THE CROWD - Get a championship in WS Regional Championship
PULSE BALL - Get high school in 3 Challenge levels in Pitching Bowling or Darts
SLIPPERY HIT - Play through 60 innings
WEARINESS - Play 30 games
LUCKY - Clear all the training categories once
CLIMAX 2 - 95% of cards collected
CARDS CANCEL 2 - 85% of cards collected
TALENTS CANCEL 2 - 70% of cards collected
DEF POS CHANGE PROB’D 2 - 50% of cards collected

Hope this helps. To me, the only real tough one is the Jump Skill Down, trying to get 25 diving/jumping catches. I just attempted a diving or jumping catch at all times until I got the 25. Just have to watch it, because alot of the jumping/diving catches will not count (if you get credit for only 10 points they won't count - if you get credit for 40-50 points, they most likely will)

08-21-2010, 09:40 AM
Good List.

09-01-2010, 03:17 PM
But no one should need this. since you can just load up the Clubhouse and look at the card binder