View Full Version : Casino trick to get very good golems and unlimited money and SP!!!

07-23-2010, 11:17 AM
I have perfected the trick. To do the trick you will need 24k coins minimum though.Here is how to get them 24k coins.

Sell everything and you should be able to buy atleast 1k coins if not it doesn't matter. Go to the casino in london city. Save the game.Put all your coins on red or black and hope it lands on either one.If it does save your game and go again. If not load up your previous save and try again. When you can, start betting 1k on red or black If you win save and go again. If not load up your previous save.

You should now have 24k coins. You should now put 1k on 0-11 (or any 12 numbers) and you should have 2 go's if you lose load your save. If you win save. I am at 300k coins now and I get around 50k per save. I might be just really lucky but this works for me and I hope it does for you.

You win 36k each time giving you 3 attempts.

To get the TB and SP buy 9 recovery powders from the casino and sell them at the shop next door for 5400TB. Then buy skill gems costing 1200TB and go to use items and use on whoever you want. Later on purchase gods ambrosia and sell it for mega skill gems (after earth golem).

Best golems to get from the casino:

Marlin Glave very high HP and can help a lot at the start of the game.

Parameters to do up for Marlin Glave:

agility (to attack first more often)

APO has a very good skill which attacks all enemies and uses all the damage it inflicts to heal itself.

Parameters to do up for APO:

Support (increases it's attack damage)

I tried out all the other methods of exploiting the casino but this was the best.