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07-23-2010, 11:33 PM
I have two save files, one a pitcher and one a fielder. My pitcher and the rest of the game work fine, but after I played earlier, i cant advance or save in my fielder. No matter what i do it constantly freezes, anyone have a solution that wont clear my 3 years into the game?

07-28-2010, 02:29 PM
Yep same stupid problem

I have so had it with this game. I cannot believe there have been 2 patches and stuff like this is still happening.

My brief history with this game.

1. I buy it on release day and I play the my player first season. I get to the playoffs and i get the glitch where the guys box comes up and it freezes everytime. After waiting for a patch on that it gets fixed i move on.

2. About a month later i am playing my player as the brewers. I finish the 3rd season after winning my 3rd world series in a row and decide let me go to the AL now so i trade myself to the twins. Well the thing decides to keep me on the brewers even though im on the twins now and loads up a brewers game everytime which i have no control over and freezes when that game is over. I wait about 3 months for a patch for that and nothing.

3. About 2 weeks ago i decide i will just start my player over because the twins/brewers glitch is just not getting fixed so i start a new my player with the yankees. I play up till august of the 5th season fine now all of a sudden there is a key game against the red sox on Aug 22 2015 and the thing freezes everytime and wont play the game.

What the hell??? We pay $60 for this garbage and cant even finish the my player mode because this game has so many bugs. I dunno what the hope is for this to be fixed.

Edit: Looks like if you clear the cache and just happen to get a clutch moment before that game then it over rides the freeze