View Full Version : Some questions about RooGoo

07-24-2010, 06:33 PM
Hey guys,

I know this section is old as hell and people probably won't see this, but I had a few questions as I play through:

1. What does the difficulty change, and does it affect your score? I'm guessing no, since I just tested the tutorial and I still got 121,360 just like on Casual. Is there any reason to play on Challenge..and what does it even change?

2. How do you get a higher score, other than the obvious? I played one level and got a score of 2,913,022 and then tried it again and got 8,000 or something. Like...there's clearly some HUGE multiplier that you can get for score that I stumbled upon accidentally. How does the #1 player on the leaderboards have 38 million?

Thanks <3