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Scotian Bred
07-26-2010, 05:37 AM
Hi All,
Thank you for all the great feedback on this forum. We have been collecting as much feedback as possible and have taken almost all recommendations and tested them out for optimum balance. We plan to release a title update within the next few weeks. Why so long? Because it will take us a week to test it and it will take Microsoft 2 weeks to run their QA on it. Rest assured we are working on fixing your grievances. Here is some of what to expect:

- RAGE QUITTERS WILL BE PENALIZED. We know this is huge. It will be fixed.
- Poison alone won't be enough to kill you, you will need to supplement with attacks.
- The Viking Double Spear will be easier to anticipate.
- Heavy armor will be more effective.
- Knight can now dodge out of stagger.
- You wont be able to spam Black Eggs and Grenados. They are still un-blockable and still infinite but stamina penalties will increase.
- Stamina wont recharge while dodging.
- Samurai Yumi will be more effective.
- Quick match will actually be quick!
- After an online battle you will return to the online battle screen and not the main screen.
- Player connection speeds will be displayed in the lobbies.

We will also be fixing a bunch of frame rate, animation and other bugs.

Thanks for your support of this game, we are working on making it better! Stay tuned for a DLC announcement.

Spike Games.Source:
http://forums.xbox.com/33479407/ShowPost.aspx (http://forums.xbox.com/33479407/ShowPost.aspx)

07-26-2010, 05:31 PM
This is good news, albeit a bit late for me. Finally got my damn tourney achievement this morning, after more than 250 fights, mostly with rage-quitters.

If any of you are amongst them, I would like to thank the 30 who's characters gave their lives in pursuit of my achievement and didn't quit.

07-26-2010, 06:05 PM
glad to hear its gettin an update... an glad to see rage quitters will be penalized..

07-27-2010, 12:02 AM
If you read all the posts, and replies from the developer, you'd also see the hinted at new dlc, including "Zombie Mode" which sounds quite interesting.

Personally, I would dig a 3 on 3 or even a 5 on 5 battle system like is used sometimes on the show. Maybe even a strategy type game as well. But lets not go Dynasty Warriors... that well seems to have run dry eons ago.

07-28-2010, 04:51 PM
Excellent! im enjoying this game quite a bit, even tho my play time is rather low on it atm. Hopefully this update hits before im ready to split skulls with my Katana

would love for the DLC to come with new maps and new warriors! (go go Rajput)

07-28-2010, 08:51 PM
If you read all the posts, and replies from the developer, you'd also see the hinted at new dlc, including "Zombie Mode" which sounds quite interesting.

Personally, I would dig a 3 on 3 or even a 5 on 5 battle system like is used sometimes on the show. Maybe even a strategy type game as well. But lets not go Dynasty Warriors... that well seems to have run dry eons ago.

3 on 3 or even 2 on 2... that would be awesome

07-29-2010, 11:26 AM
Finaly man after 10 final in a row won and allways they Quit out. Go big or Go Home should I say for the rage quiters

08-07-2010, 09:56 PM
The developers say that a title update has now been submitted. here's their post of the details:

We submitted the title update today. We were having issues with trying to penalize rage quitters that powered down their xbox as opposed to menu based quitting so it took a little longer to fix. All should be good. Here is a run down of what to expect:

Fixed Issues:
• When a player disconnects or quits from an online match the win needs to be awarded to the remaining player.

• Instead of returning to the main menu when finishing an online battle, you should return to the online battle screen.

• Searching for games online (as well as quick match) take much too long.

• Intermittent framerate problems. Not all of the in-game SFX were being called, which caused the game to hitch when it was time for them to play. There was also an issue where some of the object physics were causing the framerate to drop while off screen. The number of times that the framerate drops is drastically reduced.

• Spartan vibrates during his Intro cinematic. In any game w/ a Spartan, he now no longer shakes during his intro animation before the fight.

• Parrying with low stamina causes guard break but should not interrupt the attacker. If a warrior has low stamina, and parries their opponent, they will now be able to attack instead of being interrupted during the parrying animation.

• Samurai has wrong sound on one of his hit reactions.

• No sound on centurion shield. There is now a sound when hitting the Centurion’s shield.

• When in slice challenge its really easy to skip without seeing the message if you lose. In Arcade mode, when the slice challenge is accessed and lost, the game now plays your opponent’s victory animation before continuing.

• Multiplayer Balance: Ninja is slightly overpowered, Champions slightly underpowered. The Ninja’s Black Egg (Special Attack) now takes more stamina to use, and a bug was fixed where the ninja was previously popping back up as soon as he got knocked down (he now gets knocked down and gets back up in a reasonable amount of time.

• The Pirate’s Grenado is too spammable. The Pirate’s Grenado (Special Attack) now takes more stamina to use.

• When you start arcade mode if you have the armor selected the model doesn't fade as it should. Start Arcade mode, pick any warrior, highlight their armor, then press the ‘A’ button to go to the Versus screen. The warrior model now fades away during this transition.

• Display players' connection speeds in the online lobbies. Online connection speeds are now shown in the multiplayer lobby screens when searching for games based off of parameters entered by the user.

• Armor Adjustment – up the amount of damage that armor will protect against.

• Poison Arrows & Darts – poison will double the time it takes to reduce health.

• Ninja mid-range weapon – reduce the amount of damage that the mid-range weapon inflicts.

• Viking Double Spears – Viking’s animation has been slowed down slightly, and the angle altered so that there are less one-hit kills with the double spear attack.

• Knight Dodge – The Knight can now dodge out of his stagger animation (which is basically a knock-down for him).

• Dodging & Stamina – fix the stamina so that a warrior’s stamina won’t build up when they dodge. All of the warriors no longer build up stamina while they dodge.

check the original posting here:



08-08-2010, 08:22 PM
thank goodness! im so tired of the rage quitters. im one win away from my tourney (last achievement) but i cant get a win when everyone keeps running away after they lose! also the viking double spear is quite annoying as well. may be late, but at least they are keeping up with the issues. hopefully some DLC in the works too with some new warriors

08-08-2010, 09:17 PM
Oh my god finally! Personally I will love to see the Ninja down-graded, so over-used,and way too strong. The boosting of the throwing powder, the boosting of poison. Then when I do win, what do they do? Quit. Of course. Just sayin', really lookin forward to this

Vanilla Coke Zero
08-17-2010, 12:45 AM
shit, gotta do this tournament shit fast.

08-18-2010, 08:45 PM
More info on the title update from the developer:


Ok guys, I know everyone is waiting for this to get passed but we heard from Msoft today that they are upgrading their QA server environment and that everything is on hold until then. So even though we submitted our TU a few weeks ago nothing can get completed until the new environment is up. That will only be next Wednesday at the earliest. So it looks like the TU is in limbo until the QA environments are back up and running. So in all reality it looks like late August, early September is our window.

Sorry for the delay, but we are pressing as much as we can to get this up soon. Hope Zombie Mode keeps you going until then.

Spike Games.

original post here:

Bummer, but hopefully will be worth the wait.