View Full Version : Cardboard Cut-Outs locations (Possible Spoilers)

07-27-2010, 05:25 AM
There are 6 Cardboard Cut-Outs to be located in 'The Signal' DLC. Simply locate the cardboard cut-out, and press B to read it.

1. The first one will be 'Odin Anderson.' After exiting the tool store, turn right and right again so you are walking along side the tool store. The cut-out will be facing towards the fence.

2. The second one will be 'Sarah Breaker.' After hoping over the fence and viewing the destroyed road, turn left and left again. You will see the standee beside some other picks ups.

3. The third one will be 'Barry Wheeler.' Upon entering the church after the imaginary, turn left.

4. The fourth one will be 'Cynthia Weaver.' After completing the 'bridge', the standee will appear.

5. The fifth one will be 'Tor Anderson.' This will appear after you complete the 'light on, lights off' sequence.

6. The sixth and final one will be 'Alice Wake.' You will go through a few memories and this will appear during the second memory. You will need to complete another bridge. By the Bridge control, turn around 90 degree and you will see it beside a white Trailer.

I hope this is helpful for people as the order is correct. I may have to edit some of the descriptions because I did this from memory.

07-27-2010, 05:53 AM
Just to clarify, the Alice cutout is right after a building full of lumber and I think it's just before or just after the second memory. But nice guide, I'm sure people will find this helpful.