View Full Version : How random is this game's combinations?

04-20-2007, 05:16 AM
I was just wondering if anyone knew how often this game randomizes the overall combinations that fall down? Like I see all these videos online of people doing their thing to get the grand poo-bah achievement and I was wondering if I play this game enough do you think I will ever run across the same exact scenario that they did to where I could copy their moves exactly in order to get the grand poo-bah achievement myself? Because honestly I suck at this game.

Shaaady Souljah
04-20-2007, 06:52 AM
it is random... so you can't copy them. unless you can somehow randomly mhave your screen match theirs exactly.

04-20-2007, 09:51 PM
Well that kinda sucks but I guess that means that the developers actually did their job right. Looks like I will have to go at it the real way and hopefully luck (and a little skill) will be on my side. Thanks for the info Shaaady Souljah.

11-24-2007, 10:15 PM
wow that wood be lik a 1/1090830980938
i still need the poobah ach too