View Full Version : Secrets help please.

Maximus 1482
07-28-2010, 05:24 AM
Im missing two intels. how do i know which two so i can go get em. its tellin me im missing the wrong two . .

im adding this edit because i found one of the two im missing. I found the secret in chapter 6, but it shows on my secret list as number 23. the other one im missing is number 27. Im confused please help me find this last one. I really want to send this back to game fly and forget it.

i figured it out. took a bit of time. dont count of the numbers in your secrets section of the menu to help u find the one u missed. My secrets in the menu said i was missing secret 27 and wound up finding it in the second mission. no to book another 1000 kills and forge thtis game existed. . .