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07-30-2010, 10:51 PM
“Ok, first what it is NOT. It is NOT sprint or speed burst like NHL 06 and earlier,” commented Gameplay Director Jason “Redshirt” Rupert when describing the Hustle feature new to NHL 11 during yesterday’s Live Producer Chat. “It is on L3, and it gives you an increase to acceleration and a small increase in speed.”
Immediate reaction was one of hesitation as memories of unrealistic bursts of speed from pre-NHL 07 days came creeping back. Comments came flooding in about how many times a user could push the Hustle button (3x max to get to top speed) and fears of exploitation scrolled into the producers’ view one after the other. Meanwhile, Redshirt calmly typed what the feature was to help calm the nerves of the over 1500 who tuned into the event yesterday.

“The point of it is to create a range in speed so that players aren’t always going 100% speed. It lowers your fatigue more quickly than normal skating and you can’t turn as sharply. So you won’t be using this to weave around with the puck, it is more for straight ahead speed in transition on on races for the puck.”

“The intention of the Hustle button is for players to “switch gears” as the commentators call it,” adds Gameplay Producer Nate Ng. “You can use it for both offense and defense.”