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WARNING: The following may contain spoilers!

I've heard that the Gunless Wonder achievement is pretty difficult for most. Being very familiar with the Chapter 6 of the game, when I attempted to get the achievement, I had absolutely no problem at all, so I figured I'd share a few tips and pointers for getting the achievement.

This can be used for Nightmare, too!


*This guide assumes that you have some experience with the level, knowing where you have to go and what you have to do.
* Do not go for collectibles while doing this
* Do not go out of the way for weapon caches unless it is recommended in the guide (some caches have flashbangs and flares, which are very helpful for this mission)
* Obviously, do not shoot a gun during the course of this mission
* Play on the NORMAL difficulty!!!!

If by any chance you do shoot a gun, simply RESTART CHECKPOINT from the start menu. If you die, the achievement is not ruined, so don't fret!

I'm not going to go into detail about the "flashback" scene.

When you start out in the lot outside the dam, hop directly in the vehicle and drive down the road to the tunnel. The tunnel is blocked, so get out of your vehicle and pass the toe truck blocking the road.

After a short vision, run directly by the Taken that have appeared, dodging if they get close. Go directly to the car (don't pick up the Manuscript Page, as it gives the Taken time to catch up and hit you.) Get directly in the car and drive all the way down the road, past the Majestic Motel, and get out at the bridge.

Collect the flare behind the truck in the center of the bridge. Then, move along, destroying all of the Poltergeist items with only your flashlight. To do this, move up to trigger the poltergeist items in the area, then move back behind the nearest source of cover as you destroy each, one by one. Wait for your flashlight battery to recharge before moving on to the next area.
NOTE: If your playing on Normal, like you should be, this part shouldn't be too difficult. If your using this strategy for Nightmare, take your time here. Once you clear the bridge, a tan car will be waiting for you. Get in!

Drive down the road until you are forced left into the field. Try to drive quickly through the field to avoid getting hit by the pickup truck. If you car gets totaled by the possessed pickup truck, there is a new vehicle in the lit barn. Make your way back to the road and drive all the way down to the end. Collect all the items here, especially flares. Picking up the weapons are not necessary unless your playing on Nightmare.

Start forward. Do NOT burn all of the darkness puddles, just destroy one to clear a path and step through (this doesn't give the Taken time to spawn behind you). When you reach a certain point, the Taken will spawn behind you, dropping down from the walls. Simply start running forward between cars. More Taken will spawn in front of you. Light a flare and hold it, walking forward with it. When the flare dies out, you should be at or near the Safe Haven at the end of the tunnel. Step into it, and get into the vehicle waiting there.

Drive down the road, making a right at the entrance to the car lot. Drive up the road to the building, and get out (make sure to not park in front of the pickup truck in the light, as you will use this in a minute). Run through the door under the light and up the stairs (a Taken will be waiting there). Do you best to dodge the Taken, or, if you need to, light and hold a flare. Quickly get to the top of the stairs and hit the green switch. Descend the stairs, dodging or holding a flare (throwing a flashbang works too, if there are quite a few Taken to take out). When you get to the bottom of the stairs, turn left and hurry out the door into the light. Safety!

Hop in the pickup truck and continue following the road through the open gate. Jump the ramp slowly (to not damage you car) and drive around to the Safe Haven behind the large container. Collect the items there, then head up the ladder. Collect the flares at the top of the ladder, then start the generator. Then return to the main yard and head for the switch to move the container. A cutscene will occur (where the Bulldozer comes to life.) When you regain control, run directly over and hit the switch. Dodge the Bulldozer while keeping an eye on the container. When it is just high enough, run under it and into the Safe Haven. Hop in the vehicle and drive up the road to the ghost town.

WARNING: Make sure you have flares here. They are necessary. Have at least four, though you should have more.

Stop in the Safe Haven and exit your vehicle. Head straight up and to the left (into the shack) and take the goodies in the secret supply cache. Then, head up the stairs in the nearby building in front of the ghost town. Drop through the hole in the second floor and push the mine cart out of the way. Head across the ghost town to the Electric Company truck and pick up everything there. Then, progress through the ghost town down the main road. Wait for the Tornado to blow the huge structure out of the way, then run to the old chapel in the back of the ghost town. Immediately drop a flare (to ensure protection) and start pushing the mine cart out of the way. If your flare goes out before you push it all the way, stop and drop another one. Once the cart is pushed out of the way, do the same exact thing for the next mine cart (on the left wall). Once the cart is out of the way, run directly to the Safe Haven behind the church.

Run around to the wooden structure and drop into the mine cart. Drop into it and release the brake, and enjoy your suicidal ride. Beware of the birds that charge you mid-ride (shine them with your flashlight to avoid getting pecked). Run into the Safe Haven for the checkpoint, then directly up the stairs, turn around and watch as the birds fly up and at you. Stand your ground and boost your flashlight at them. Then, keep you beam on them as they fly around until the flock explodes. Then, proceed to push the mine cart out of the way.

Jump across to the other wooden platform, and look on the left. When you move forward, birds will emerge from the mine shaft ending. Like the last flock, stand your ground and keep your light on them until they die. Then proceed along the wooden walkway. More birds will come, but use the same strategy.
NOTE: If you're playing on Nightmare, a flare gun shot will be a much better choice for disposing of the birds.

Climb the small hill and run directly for the small shack. Enemies will appear, but simply dodge your way into the shack. Make sure to avoid the puddles of darkness.

Progress through the woods. An object will fall, and a Tele-Flanker Taken will appear. Run past it, up to the shack in the middle of the woods. Lay down a flare (for cover) and start the generator for light and, more importantly, a checkpoint. Make sure to snag the flare in the shack. Note that when you leave the Safe Haven, the Tele-Flanker Taken may re-appear.

Progress up through the woods. The key here is to just run. Huge objects will fall from the sky, and Taken will continue to appear. Simply run until the path starts to zigzag upwards. Around this point, turn around, and there should be a LOT of Taken. You have to options here. You can throw a flashbang (if you have one) and take out a LOT of them, or you can lay down a flare at the generator at the top of the zigzagging path and start it.

Leave the Safe Haven, making sure you snag a flare out of the shed near the generator, and then progress upwards. Run up the hill. Some items will fall from the sky, but no enemies emerge. Run up the wooden stairs at the top of the slope, burning any puddles of darkness in your way. Step into the Safe Haven at the top of the steps, then progress upwards into the damaged wooden home. Take everything in the secret cache on the first floor. This is very important. The three flares in the cache will prove VERY USEFUL. After you have everything in the cache, head upstairs and drop down into the courtyard.

Once in the courtyard, head right and take the flashbangs on the wooden stage with the generator. Get your flares ready, then start the generator. A LOT of tough enemies will spawn. Do not be intimidated though. Run directly past all the enemies and make a right towards the elevator that the generator activated. Drop a flare at the entrance to this area, then run over and hit the switch to call the elevator. Then, turn around. Boost your flashlight to keep some Taken away, and throw a flashbang or two to kill, or at least weaken, the enemies. Use and hold flares if the Taken get too close, but they shouldn't. When the elevator reaches the bottom, simply step in. You're almost there...

When you reach the top of the elevator, move forward. The darkness will cover your exit with a bunch of items. Move up and throw all of your flashbangs at the newly formed roadblock. If the flashbangs did not destroy every object, simply walk up to them and hold a flare. Not only does this help destroy the poltergeist items blocking your way, but it keeps any approaching Taken away. Once the roadblock is cleared, simply move down the tunnel, moving past or destroying the girders that the darkness uses to try to stop you.

When you emerge on the other side of the tunnel, you will be staring at the tornado. Simply run towards it (the items it helplessly flings at you will most likely, but not definitely do damage to you). When you reach the wooden arch halfway to the tornado, your achievement should unlock.

07-31-2010, 11:00 AM
If this guide helped you in any way, I'm glad I could help ;)

If you had any problems with the guide, or if something was unclear to you, feel free to post, and I will do my best to resolve any problems.

If you find any grammatical errors, feel free to point them out too. :p

08-01-2010, 10:55 AM
Awesome awesome awesome guide... thanks mate!

Just because you asked - In the fourth paragraph up from the bottom. Second sentence from the end, you say tree flares. I have not got to this part yet, but I assume (and I may be making an ass out of u and me) that is supposed to read three flares. If it is in fact tree flares then I CAN'T WAIT to get to use them.... ;):eek:;)
Also - Last paragraph... Diffidently or definitely? I think you mean the latter. If not my most humble apologies! Thanks again for the rockin guide!!

08-01-2010, 09:44 PM
Thanks for pointing out those mistakes. They're fixed now. ;)

08-01-2010, 10:24 PM
That's a very comprehensive guide! I managed to get this achievement without dying and while collecting the collectables. The only bit i had some difficulty with, is the last bit with the elevator. I managed to get myself cornered somehow, and had to do some NFL style running.

08-02-2010, 12:00 AM
I couldn't imagine going out of my way for collectibles while not being able to shoot.

08-02-2010, 12:24 AM
i didnt have any trouble with this at all.

08-02-2010, 03:15 AM
i didnt have any trouble with this at all.

Good to know.