View Full Version : Does RESTARTING a level glitch achievements (not replaying)

Lord Terentius
08-01-2010, 09:39 PM
Just a quick question as it's not been clarified in a previous post.

I'm aware from the guides listed that replaying a level BEFORE completing the game would glitch your achievements.

However, would RESTARTING the level before completing said level result in the same thing?

I'm currently playing through Grassy Hills (still my first playthrough) and I had realised I had missed the very first 2 animals when you encountered the broken bridge by the river. By the time I had realised what had happened, I had already collected 6/8 of the Jizu statues and done both of the shrines.

Of course this has reset my animal total FOR THE LEVEL, but at least I can now pick them all up.

This wouldn't cause the same glitch would it as technically I hadn't finished the level before hitting the restart option from the start menu would it?

Any kind advice would be great.


EDIT: Never mind guys. I can CONFIRM that restarting a level doesn't cause the collectible achievements to glitch. I just got the Animal Friend & Completist achs just before facing the Evil Samurai Warlord on my first playthrough.

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