View Full Version : Achievement method to get ALL MP achievements as quick as possible minus XP ones.

08-05-2010, 06:02 PM
First off this is a guide/list to help me boost MP achievements as quick as possible with a group of 4 players. Last time I tried playing this there were ZERO games going so boosting should be easy to setup. Please Note:
· This is based on NOTswaggers guide. So give me a little credit for trying to make it easier to do, but 99.99% of credit should go to them.
Death-match Games:
Game 1 – Set-up a game with a minimum time limit if possible. Everyone go for a cupper or bear. Time limit end ALL get Untouchable
Game 2 – Set-up a game with max time/kill count. Everybody meant at the same point. 3 line-up against a wall and other has a rocket launcher(P1). Shock P1 and let them blow up the other 3 while shocked. Repeat until ALL have done this, hence 3 kills each. Pair off and kill each other a further 7 times (P1 kills P2, then via versa). Then two please kill the other 2 players a further 10 times (P1 then kills P2 another 10). ALL get Monogamous Fragger, Flash Dance. TWO get Bloodbath and I’ll Take Those Odds.
Game 3 – Same as 2 only miss out the Shock bit and switch places (P1-10 kills, P2-20, P3-10, P4-20). Other TWO get Bloodbath and I’ll Take Those Odds.

Blitz Games:
Game 4-7 – Setup a game 1 Person captures 10 PHLAGs (his team wins) and that person gets The Mad Capper and MVP. Repeat 4 times with each person taking his/her turn.

Control Games:
Game 8 – Start a game and pair up P1 from team 1 with P1 on team 2. Then 1 capture a point and the other capture it back. Once you have 10 each. When P1 tries capturing the point for a 11th time P2 kills him, do this 10 times. Then switch P2 capture the point and then P1 does the defends. May require 2 games. ALL get Gotta Cap Em’ All and Control Freak

Failsafe Games:
Game 9 – Bomb planter plants the bomb and 1 person on the other team disarms it. Repeat until everyone has planted 3 on Bomb team and Disarm team has disarmed 3. Gives Demolitions Expert and Dastardly Disarmer. May take a few games.

Armoured Core:
Games ?-? (20 games requires)– Set-up a game on skid row with the lowest time limit and have P1 blow up 2 Mechs with Laser that spawns (inside the doors at Control Point 3. The others do the same, until ALL have killed 2. Then P1 captures all the points. While P2 blows everything up in the Mech. ALL get Bad Robot. Keep repeating (without the Mech kills) until P2 has City Planner at and P1 has won 5 games. ‘Win 5 games in a row achievement’. Then switch with a player NOT doing the Mech runs. Repeat till ALL have City Planner and 5 Wins one (forgotten name).
Final Achievement s are XP and 8 hours of play based. I suggest using the method stated in the boosting thread.