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08-06-2010, 08:57 AM
Hint: Water of Life Limit

Each player can only carry one Water of Life. Once you have a bottle in your possession, any other bottles you take will not be counted; allow another player to take the revive potion from the blue chest instead.

Unlockable: Charlotte's Magic List

To absorb magic shots, hold Charlotte's Personal Skill button (creates the magic shield). Any shot hitting this shield bounces off or is absorbed. When absorbed, there is a chance the projectile is turned into an item she can equip in the sub-weapon (Hunter Skill) menu.
Absorbing a certain number of spells will upgrade Charlotte's melee attack. It was certainly nice of the manual writers to include nothing about this in the Help and Options menu.
Note that if the shot can be absorbed, you should be able to hear a 'chink' sound (as if you were cutting something with a bladed weapon) when the shot hits Charlotte's magic shield. Turn down the music if you need to listen to the SFX more clearly. Charlotte seems to have the following magic shots:
Acidic Bubble - From the gargoyle (Glasya Labolas). Although it costs 15 MP, it shoots out a half dozen bubble shots (efficient). Its short range is offset by its poison effects.
Demon Seed - From the Man-Eating Plant (Stone Rose in SOTN). The shot is absorbed from the seed bloom attack when the flower opens up (not the petrify lump the enemy spits out).
Death Scythe - From Death's mini-sickles.
Energy Flow - From the Witch (the one in black riding the broom, not the white version). It's the small blue homing bullet (similar to Soma's sub-weapon from the same enemy). While it's 12 MP, it homes in. The problem is that it is slow and has very short range.
Fire Ball - Default. You can capture more from the Pillar of Bones. Costs the least (8 MP) and is a handy dumbfire shot.
Flame Shot - The big shot the Fire Demon shoots out. A bigger version of fireball. It is the same as two Fireballs fired in quick succession.
Ghost Chaser - The cursed ghost summoned by the Dullahan's floating head. Slightly more expensive than Energy Flow, but the shot is faster (from Michael Cavalier).
Heal - Healing spell from the Witch (the one clad in black, not the white version). Damage the enemy about 10 to 20 points and it will attempt to heal itself (of 30 points of damage). When the rainbow aura is active, stand in its range and deploy Aulin's spell trap (from Armon Davani). The spell costs 40 MP and heals an amount determined by her ability to do Holy Damage. Note that teammates who wear Holy resistant armor will likely heal less (like in SOTN).
Ice Fang - The Sea Demon ice bomb. A small projectile that explodes in ice blades on the ground (like a impact bomb). Absorb the shot, not the ice spike that is post-detonation. (from Jacob Barak). If you like Morris's grenades, you will like the impact ice grenade. It's much faster than the Ice Needle, and possible 'Dracula killer' move against the SOTN form of the final boss (make sure the shot isn't blocked by the claw).
Ice Needles - From the Frost Shades (SOTN, the blue bizzos who shoot ice) that appear in chapter 2. It's the ice missile attack, not the ice spray. (from Jonas Schuhenn). The shots take time to wind up and fire. By the time they do, your buddies will likely be dead.
Nightmare - The big shot Malachi (flying demon with squid face) shoots out. It pierces, but also does almost no damage to Dracula.
Piercing Beam - The beam from the Nova Skeleton can be absorbed.
Splash Needle - The bullets from the merman can be absorbed.
Poison Spores - A puff of poison from the Moldy Corpse enemy in chapter 2. It's as useless as it looks (from Michael Cavalier).
Raging Fire - Flamethrower attack from Minotaurs or the Bone Dragons (from Jacob Barak). Very short range, and has little application.
Sickle Moon - From the imps (little flying purple bastards) in stage 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6. Stage 3 has infinite of them, but you only need one to fire, or Charlotte may get hit when trying to absorb a shot. It's a cheap (10 MP) straight ahead dumbfire shot.
Summon Skeleton - Conjures a skeleton who throws out one bone. Captured from any bone-thrower (from Michael Cavalier). Simalcrum is unsure if this spell also upgrades Charlotte's melee attack, or it was from the number of spells she captured.
Thunderbolt - The big shot the Thunder Demon shoots out. Short range, but devastating against knights and metal enemies. Use it like Shanoa's fire shotgun (Ignis). ** If there are more magic shots simalcrum are unaware of, use email to notify. Note that the Alionrunmas (Salem Witch) defaults to a runeshot after all of its glyph spells are contained by Shanoa. Simalcrum is unsure if Charlotte can absorb this particular shot since no one knows about teamwork online. **

Hint: Two Player Boost Up

If you need to reach a platform you can't quite make with a double jump, do a jumpkick off of your teammate's head (they need to be standing completely still) and you will be able to get extra height from the bounce. Note that Charlotte is the only character who cannot jump kick.

Hint: Pillar of Bone Boost
Don't destroy all the pillars of bone in a stage. You can step on top of them and use them as ledges to reach higher places. You need a minimum of two or three skulls to reach high areas and most characters can clear four skull-high towers.

Hint: Skeleton Power ... J/K

Players who are killed and turned into skeletons are liabilities. If skeleton players die, 2 minutes are docked from each of their deaths (with five characters, this is ten minutes).
If you are turned into a skeleton and no one revives you, don't hamper your team by dying. Stay away from the boss and other damage sources.

Unlockable: Hard Mode

Clear and complete chapter 6 on normal difficulty. You will also unlock more items and weapons in the shop.

Hint: Long-hair Albino Half-Vampire Needs Food Badly

Pre-set food items in the levels will increase your character's core stats (STR, CON, INT, MND, LCK, etc.) when consumed at full (or nearly full) health. Since these increases are permanent, it would be to your advantage to eat all the food you can find (and not get hit) while exploring the castle.

08-06-2010, 09:19 AM
This information is not all accurate and was taken from Ign

Stats do not stay after a chapter. Any food picked up will only last until a level is beat.

08-06-2010, 11:48 AM
Yep, stat boosts do not stay after a chapter.

08-06-2010, 12:03 PM
been looking for stuff like Charlotte's list, thank you

08-06-2010, 02:27 PM
This information is not all accurate and was taken from Ign

Stats do not stay after a chapter. Any food picked up will only last until a level is beat.

But Charlotte's list is accurate, which gives this thread some credibility.
Otherwise with the exception of the permanent stat increase, everything else seems OK too...