View Full Version : Talked to a developer yesterday...

08-10-2010, 06:32 PM
As some of you might know, on Sunday there will be a Game With Developers on Hydro Thunder Hurricane. Since Vector Unit have started accepting friend requests, they were inviting people to play with them early. I happened to be able to join his game, and I asked them about future DLC for the game. The man (VectorUnit2 was hit gamertag) said that they are working on new tracks (don't remember if he said anything about new boats). I asked if in the new tracks if any of the old Hydro Thunder tracks were on there and he said that he can't tell us and that it won't be confirmed or not until reviewers, well, review it. He also said that they are looking to price it at 800 microsoft points, I think it's a little pricy, but if its more than 4 tracks and some new boats, I think it will be worth it. Post on what your opinion is on this!

Theta Zero
08-11-2010, 01:29 AM
Fantastic game, and more tracks/boats will only add to that :) I'd be willing to pay 800 points for a fair number of extra tracks/boats. I've paid 800 points for far less.