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08-11-2010, 02:08 AM
This can be done easily in Co-Op with a second controller. Just kill off your main guy right away and play through the level with the second controller. Try to get to the boss with all your lives, if you lose a life you can just waste your lives shortly before the end of the level and use a continue. If you use the continue youīll have to kill of your main profile again before heading into the boss fight.
You want to start the fight with your main profile dead and as many lives on the second controller guy as possible.

Now just fight the boss as described in the guide. You can loose lives, but try not to use a continue, as this would revive the other player, which you donīt want just yet. Wear the boss down until he is almost dead and NOW revive the main player by stealing a life ( :abut: + :xbut: ) - finish off the boss - achievement unlocked! (If you donīt have a life left to steal you can also die and use a continue.)

This might even work without reviving the first player, but I havenīt tried that.

It doesnīt matter if you play as Matt or the other guy, works either way.

05-06-2012, 01:51 AM
Great find.
Will NOT work without reviving the player, I was too slow and revived myself after/as the boss was dieing and no achievement. The 2nd time I made sure I was there at the very end and killed him myself. Worked great thanks.