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08-15-2010, 02:44 AM
I love Gus Johnson's commentary in Madden NFL 11. The best video game announcer since Al Michaels. The Old Spice ads are hysterical too. The only problem is that whenever the Falcons Punter/Kickoff man gets set to kick he calls him Koch, but his name is Koenen. When I heard it I was like, "Who the heck is Koch!?" What are your thoughts?

08-15-2010, 04:32 AM
I think Johnson is awesome but they need to get rid of Collinsworth.

EA Triiickz
08-15-2010, 04:50 AM
i like it, but i think they need to say some new things,
i was doing a madden moment, and for 3 plays in a row he said the exact same thing.

08-15-2010, 12:53 PM
I personally cannot stand Gus Johnson and his over the top orgasms for 5 yd runs. I wish it was still Al Michaels over him. I would love it if it was Troy Aikman and Joe Buck, I enjoy their commentary on FOX.

08-15-2010, 04:29 PM
Gus Johnson was one of the best additions to the game in this years Madden. Now they just need to get rid of Cris Collinsworth... Jaws or Phil Sims would be pretty cool.