View Full Version : Bosses Needed for the "Defeat X in X minutes"

08-18-2010, 01:42 AM
Hey, I noticed the guide didn't say what bosses so I have listed them all here,
with spoilers.

King of the Lost Shrine
Kill Gretel, the rock statue you face in "The Lost Shrine".

A True Friend
Kill Kainé, just after you kill Gretal in "The Lost Shrine".

Boss of the Junk Heap
Kill P-33, the giant Robot and Shade duo in the "Junk Heap - Weapons Testing Facility"

Scourge of The Aerie
Kill Wendy, the giant floating eyeball in "The Aerie"

Protector of Facade
Kill Roc, the Shade infested Wolf in "Facade"

Permission Granted
Kill Popola and Devola In "Shadowlords Realm"

A Dirge for the Hero
Kill Goose, the giant Boar in "Shadowlords Realm"

Soul Crusher
Kill Popola and Devola in "Shadowlords Realm"

Book Burner
Kill The World Saving Tome, in "Shadowlords Realm"

The Once and Final King
Kill Shadowlord, in "Shadowlords Realm"

The Strongest Bond
Kill the boss after Shadowlord (Can only be done on Ending 3/4) in "Shadowlords Realm"

There you have it.
Every boss you need to kill for the achievement's.
Will have guides posted soon.