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Akai Shuichi
08-22-2010, 06:09 PM
On the level where you must move all of the different boulders onto pressure plates there is a challenge room that has a switch that lifts up a spike platform but then it is to high to grab and there is also a grapple ring but i cant seem to be able to get this by myself. Is this only avaliable in co-op?

08-22-2010, 06:35 PM

Use your spear and throw one at the the side of the pillar you raised. Then jump up on the spear then jump up and hold A to climb up to the top of the pillar. THen grapple across. After you hit the switch to activate the pillar placing a bomb on the switch is useful as when you have jumped/grappled your way over the spikes having the pillar down means u can speedily push the ball away (splode!). Now you will see a pressure switch linked to a tall pillar with a ball on top, enemies spawn when you step on the switch, u can either plant a bomb at the bottom of the pillar the floor switch activates (b4 you activate the floor switch)and detonate it to move the ball after you step on the switch (pressure switch so stay in place) or equip some kind of sploding gun like the grenade launcher, so u can pop the ball off as the pillar goes down asap then turn around and battle the spawn.

Hope this helps.

{Edit}Totally think i have given you the wrong advice here.

Well "Dont forget your spear" was good advice.
The technical stuff is no help to you though.
Hit the switch with a bomb or a well aimed shot and as the platform rises chuck a spear in the side then jump over onto the spear and then climb up. Just loaded the level and did it a few times, works like a charm.