View Full Version : Canadian version... what the hell??!

08-23-2010, 06:22 AM
Does anyone have the Canadian version of this game? If so, what the hell is up with the instruction manual? It seems like they missed out at least 10 pages of the instructions. Things missing include level progression, skills, weapons, and horses.

How do I know this? For example, on p. 23 it says "weapons -> p. 32", so I flip to p. 32 but instead of a weapon description it's the French version of p. 8! (All instruction manuals in Canada must be in English and French otherwise the game cannot be sold). Why would they do this? To save paper? Maybe I wanted to know what "Skill" and "Strength" weapons are without looking up forums. What a disgrace Koei! to not even care enough about Canadian customers to give a proper instruction booklet.

On a side note, on p. 11 under Options and Xbox 360 Controller Settings, it says "Assign commands to each of the buttons on the DUALSHOCK 3 Wireless Controller". Looks like they cut + pasted from the PS3 manual and were too stupid/lazy to change that.

Now I'm not surprised why there's so many broken aspects to each Dynasty Warriors game: Koei hires idiots!