View Full Version : A bit of advice regarding top score objectives

08-23-2010, 07:22 PM
If you're struggling with a top score objective, consider these tips:

Kill enemies and notice how more spawn when you activate something. Go back and take out any new enemies for more points. Bigger enemies = more points
Collect gems (some enemies also drop these)
After killing a few enemies / collecting gems, your relic meter will be full. Ensure you keep it full, since you get a multiplier when killing enemies.
If you are near death, about to fall or you took damage (resetting your relic multiplier), you can quit out and then continue, providing you haven't activated another checkpoint. Sometimes the game will not let you quit out, if it is certain you have dropped off a ledge.
Use challenge rooms, since sometimes these have gems and enemies to kill.
Use weapons unlocked later to make things easier. The Spear of Light is useful for killing skeleton enemies and the rocket launcher is useful for taking away an enemy's shield.

If you went through like this, you will most likely easily have way over the objective target and a good leaderboard standing. Collecting skulls, artifacts and other collectibles does not add any points.

08-24-2010, 01:57 AM
I'd always go for the score challenge when entering each level. It helps me remember where gems will be, where monsters will spawn and what to be anticipated for up ahead.

Also, the Spear of Light also goes through enemies with shields but only knocks the shields off of the three guardians in Mirror's Wake.