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Toxic Swamp - 8:41 personal best kinda of crappy

Score Challenge

360,000 Reward - Hand Cannons

Reward Challenges

Collect 10 Red Skulls - Golden Arrow of Tezcatlipoca
Clear the maze without taking any poison damage - Stone Lizard
Heal the rolling ball - Health Upgrade
Get the spinning ball in its fire pit in 00:30 or less - Ammo Upgrade
Reach the exit in 09:00 or less - Gold arrow


1st thing to do, turn around when u start and grapple up to the Ammo Upgrade :p
Now wander through the level. Explore abit to the right and u find that a spear jump gets you up to a nice area full of gems and skips some nasty poison pods.

Wander forward watch the unskippable ingame cutscene /sigh.

Head on to find Skull 1/10 (over three posion pods)

Head right up the stairs to the first challenge room.
Skull 2/10 is on top of the entrance, spear jump up or climb up the nearby ladder and jump off onto the roof rom the top.

Challenge Room One.

Wander down until you find the ball. Move it to the top right corner. push it so it is between the ledge and the 3 poison pods (top right corner of lower area) then push harder. The pods explode and the ball flys away landing in the upper area. limb up and push it into the Fire Pit.
Grab the artifact - Stone Feather.

Lets leave and get on with the level.

Head to the first gate after the cutscene (unskippable... gets annoying after the umptenth time) use the map and head to the first Gate Crypt.

Gate Crypt One

Inside pick up the Grenade Launcher. (will be using it alot this level for opening the gates)
Equip it and use it to blow up the 2 objects blocking the gate mechanism. (Top left corner of the screen).

Head out and move through the new area. (Lots of monsters to kill getting through the gate :D)

Move through the level towards Gate 2. (You may see a Skull on a pillar surrounded by a sea of toxic gas, ignore it for now). After triggering the Cut scene kill the large monster (Has a ranged poison attack that creates a poison cloud where it hits >.<), this removes all the gas.

Lets head back for Skull 3/10.

Use the spear to make a ladder and jump up to the skull careful of the poison pods at the bass of the pillar. Ranged monsters spawn on picking it up so take care.

Move back to the health shrine and head North to Challenge Room 2.

Spear Jump up to the roof here again for Skull 4/10

Challenge Room 2

Here you must use the grenade launcher to shoot the ball in the hole. (doable in one shot). You can shoot through the bars. Remember grenades bounce once off a wall.

Reward - Three Arrows of Tezcatlipoca.

Head outside the room again and to the southeast(?) is Skull 5/10. It sits on a tall pillar and you can see it on the pillar on the map.

Now lets head to Gate Crypt 2 (find it on the map).

When u get there go a little further north and find the ball. Moving it spawns alot of lizards.

Heal the rolling ball.

Challenge here. You have to heal it by rolling it back to the health shrine. Fastest route is east and then use bombs to blow it up onto high ground. Get an idea of where the Health shrine is fixed in your head and use the map. Careful though one wrong move can splode all the poison pods - Ouch.

Gate Crypt 2

Clear the maze without taking any poison damage.

All the monsters here are optional (good for score ignore on speed runs) roll throw the maze heading left. You are aiming to find a large switch on the left side of the screen. Careful is protected by poison pods (roll through em) if you splode em there is a safe spot from poison gas if u hug the wall behind the switch. Also a good spot to fire indiscriminately into the room. Once it is clear head through the gate u opened. Stand on a switch and aim a grenade. Use each swich to destroy the objects blocking the gate mechanism. Continue on. Note Challenge unlocks when you exit the gate here after using the launcher as described. If it doesnt pop up by the time you exit the tomb you failed >.<

Exit and run though the gate climb the stairs and spear jump,climb over the gap. Explore up here to find Skull 6/10 and A BIG new friend to play with.

Find the broken bridge and climb up to the left of it using the spear. Health upgrade ahead. Protected by poison pods. Grapple across nice trick here is to splode the pods wait and grapple across just as gas disappates and they are about to respawn.

Head up the stairs and explore to find Skull 7/10. (directly above challenge room 2 entrance if you look on the map).

Now head up the stairs to the bridge.

Make your way aross it patiently. Waiting for a clear route to open up while avoiding being crushed or falling to your death. Nice trick here is to roll along the rightside of the wall down the middle of the bridge. Grabbing Skull 8/10 on the way.

Health upgrade.

Head right (diagonally down right) as you come off the bridge to find a boulder you can splode. (or spear jump over) You will find some gems and a Health upgrade behind a little pillar here.

You will find Skull 9/10 further ahead (on top of a ladder leading down).

Continue on killing if you need them and enter Gate crypt 3.

This room requires the grenade launcher again, The two levers will lower a barrier for a set period of time. after you pull one jump over being wary of the spikes and run around till you stancd in front of the lowered barrier. Shoot a grenade (a well aimed one can get both objects). repeat as required.

Ammo Upgrade.

Run the gauntlet of the spikes to earn it.

Head out and back up to gate 3.

Get the spinning ball in its fire pit in 00:30 or less.

Here is another ball in a hole challenge after you free the ball with some sploding you have 30 seconds to get it in the fire pit at the bottom of the area. Posion pods can help or hinder you and some spike plates can slow you down/kill you on the way. I like to use the grenade launcher on the ball to keep it moving at a brisk pace. If you take to long jump on the Fire Pit die and start again.

Hidden Relic - Gold Owl

Also a hidden Relic here. Gained by pushing the ball onto a pressure plate in one of the rows of spikes. When done run back up to where we entered this area to find some new friends and a relic - Gold Owl.

Head out the door.

Skull 10/10 can be found on a tall pillar here. (b4 you find the exit)
Head to the exit watch another unskippable in game cutscene (grrrr).
The pressure plate here will open the exit but you need to pull 2 levers first.
Then head to the left up the stairs to the 1st Gold Hook/lever. pull it out and it stays extended.
Head up the next stairs to the left. Try to find the shortest route to the second lever. You can rool right aiming at the roof of the exit and drop down onto the second lever and skip a chunk of travel time. When you pull it go stand on the Pressure Plate.

RUN!(ROLL!) - Left up the 2 sets of stairs then aim for the second switch we pulled and the exit will open quicker, jump onto the stone slab and roll to freedom.

Score Challenge.

Hard not to get it first time as there are so many monsters to kill here. A full power bar and a spread Artifact will help you keep cutting them down to size.

Time Challenge.

ROLL! Pretty sure every monster is optional. Can't think of a time when I had to kill things to progress. Only really if you get stuck in a choke point (Like the poison maze.) Took a bit of practice to get it done under time and i feel my personal best on this one is a bit crappy >.< Hardest Thing is the doing the Gate Crypts fast enough. Oh wait kill that one massive monster after the cutsene so you can turn off the gas :p. Hmm gotta do another run me thinks try to be faster...

Hope this helps.

Disclaimer -

Contents here in are all my own work.Credit to others is given where due.Any similarity to any guides currently around is purely coincidental. Unless otherwise stated.

Special thanks to Tyger7 whom I borrowed the excellent layout from. Great colour coding to make it relatively easy to skim through to find the areas you need help on.

Really enjoyed playing through the single player twice. I look forward to seeing some of you online when Coop is released.

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quit making this right now dude your exactly copying tyger

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Thanks for this guide, I had trouble finding the ammo upgrade at the beginning -_-