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The Mirror's Wake

This level requires you to obtain 3 keys from shielded gatekeepers. Go to the gate to trigger the event. There's one after the cut scene, one inside the tomb on the left of the gate, and another at the arena on the right side of the map. Afterwards, head back to the gate.

Weapons: 2
Relics: 2
Artifacts: 4
Power Ups: 4

Score Challenge

Score 150,000
score 190,000
score 240,000

Reward: Weapon (Golden Shotgun)

This level has a vast amount of enemies in it, so it should be no problem for you to get the highest score even on your first attempt.

Reward Challenges

Collect 10 Red Skulls

Reward: Jade Heart

Challenge: Reach Xolotl's Stronghold in 6:00 or less

Reward: Mask of Xolotl

YouTube- Lara Croft Time Challenge: The Mirror's Wake

Challenge: Achieve a hole-in-one

Reward: Stone Serpent

YouTube- The Mirror's Wake Challenge: Hole-In-One

Challenge: Break 2 shields with 1 truck

Reward: Health Powerup

YouTube- Mirror's Wake Challenge Break 2 shields with 1 truck

Challenge: Get he first spinning ball into its fire pit in 15 seconds

Reward: Ammo Powerup

YouTube- Mirror's Wake Challenge: First Spinning Ball Into Fire Pit in 15 Seconds

Collectibles Walkthrough:

Red Skull 1
Move down from the start of the level until you see a wall with explosives by it. Destroy the wall with them, and you'll find the skull at the end of that path.

Weapon: High Power Shotgun
When you fall from the high up part after pushing the boulder down that was at he start of the level, you'll see this next to the fire pit.

Health Upgrade
Use the ball on that fire pit to reveal a health upgrade.

Red Skull 2
To the left of the main gate is a tomb. In front of that tomb is a spinning fire head trap. The skull is in that circular area.

Challenge: Get the first spinning ball into its fire pit in 00:15 or less
The above mentioned tomb contains a fire pit you must get over by putting a spinning ball on it. You must do it in 15 seconds. A big enemy spawns in your path when you're almost there. Good use of remote bombs can help.

Ammo Upgrade
Inside the tomb, make sure you put the 2nd boulder on the pressure plate and grab the ammo upgrade before you put it in the fire pit.

Artifact: Dark Drum
After grabbing the second key from the big shielded enemy, go down and
you'll find the drum which is hard to miss.

Red Skulls 3-5
These are scattered in the tomb, but easy to find.

Artifact: Clay Serpent
As you continue on, (right from the gate) you'll see a tomb with the relic inside. You can use spears while the pillar is moving up, or you can put the boulder on the pressure plate with a remote bomb, and then use the grapple and detonate to give yourself a rope to climb.

Red Skull 6
Continue on and you'll see some fire bombs launching from the ground. Roll to get the skull when it's safe. This is close to the truck and 2 shielded enemies.

Challenge: Break 2 shields with 1 truck
When you see this challenge message pop up, go forward and you'll see two shield enemies walking towards you. Wait for them to be passing by the truck in the middle, and shoot the tuck.

Red Skulls 7-9
Defeating the final gatekeeper, there are some more fire bombs firing out of
the ground. There are 3 skulls in this area on those specific spots.

Relic: Mask of Capactli
Where you fight the last guardian with the key, check your map. The tomb to the most North requires you to jump and grapple the ring to get inside. You must be careful with all the flames and kill the enemy that shows up. Destroy the spike ball and put it in the fire pit to unlock the gate. Look below for info on a challenge regarding this spinning ball first.

Challenge: Achieve a hole-in-one
You must time it right so that when you destroy the pole above spiked ball, it lands in the fire pit without you having to roll it. This will most likely take many attempts. I personally failed 47 times before I got it. Kill yourself to in the flames to retry.

Red Skull 10
As you make your way around the broken bridges, you'll see this as you grapple the ring and make your way up. Swing to the bridge, and then use the spear to jump up and grab the ledge.

YouTube- The Mirror's Wake: Collectibles Guide

Berserk Orc
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Hey Tyger thanks a bunch dude, these guides have been extremely helpful this is the last level i need to get my last 25 gamerscore probably couldnt have done it without these guns thanks again buddy :drunk

Berserk Orc
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Thanks a ton, Tomb Raider Unlocked to be honest when i first looked at this achievment list i assumed i was going to be stuck at 175, thanks again for the guides.

09-01-2010, 05:16 AM
Thanks a ton, Tomb Raider Unlocked to be honest when i first looked at this achievment list i assumed i was going to be stuck at 175, thanks again for the guides.

No problem, wish more people knew how good this game was!

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These guides are awesome Tyger, tyvm.

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These guides are awesome Tyger, tyvm.

No problem, wrote them thinking: What would I have liked to know if I was following a guide?

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Dude using this guide I got the hole-in-one challenge on my first try! Thanks!

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I got the Hole-in-one on my first 2 tries, as well. (I died once)

The videos are a great help. Thanks.

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05-16-2012, 12:15 AM
Just found something interesting actually, if you use the rocket launcher against them, they drop their shields. The right hand side one however, keeps the fire walls, so you do actually need to kill him.