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Twisting Bridge

This level is pretty straght forward, you must venture through the tombs to switch the bridge pieces to give you a route. You will eventually come to the same tomb you visited before, but in the area you couldn't access. Now jump down to the beginning of that area and you can exit and you can now go over the bridge.

Weapons: 2
Relics: 2
Artifacts: 2
Power Ups: 2

Score Challenge


Reward: Weapon (Submachine Gun)

Another pretty straight forward level for getting points. Visit it again later to have over-powered weapons to kill all of the enemies faster (the Golden Shotgun works very well).

Reward Challenges

Collect 10 Red Skulls

Reward: Artifact: Serpent Drum

Challenge: Navigate the Twisting Bridge in 6:00 or less

Reward: Relic: Mask of Itzli

YouTube- Lara Croft Time Challenge: Twisting Bridge

Challenge: Bomb the rolling fire

Reward: Health Powerup

YouTube- Twisting Bridge Challenge: Bomb the Rolling Fire

Challenge: Knock the shield off a Shield Demon

Reward: Ammo Powerup

YouTube- Twisting Bridge Challenge: Knock the shield off a Shield Demon

Collectibles Walkthrough:

Red Skull 1
Start the level and head right down the stairs and you'll find a red skull at the end of that route.

Red Skull 2
After going straight over the first bridge, to your right is a grapple ring which leads to another red skull.

Red Skull 3
When you get to the target which rotates the little bridge section, go left. Inside the tomb is a skull you can grapple to get.

Relic: Knife of Itzli
Grapple over and grab the ball. Move it to the pressure plate you can get to. Jump on the platform that's now available and put a bomb next to the target on the other side. Now move the ball until you're through the first gate, detonate the bomb, then move the ball to through the second gate and onto the pressure point. The relic is on the opposite side where you must grapple back to again.

Weapon: High Power Single Shot Rifle
Head back to the rotating corner, but instead go the opposite direction. You'll find the easy to spot weapon just moments after going that direction.

Challenge: Knock the shield off a Shield Demon
This is extremely easy, just shoot the shield with a grenade launcher. He appears in the tomb (it's obvious).

Ammo Upgrade
Inside the tomb where you met the shield demon, after pulling the handle switch and climbing up, follow the left ledge backwards.

Red Skull 4
Once you've made it into the over rotating platform 1 and have to pull the handle switch to enter a tomb, go inside and go right to grab the skull (you must use the target switch).

Red Skull 5
Continue back and on the regular path. You will find another target switch, cross over and use a spear to jump up to the next skull on your left.

Artifact: Gold Lizard
After exiting the tomb, you'll find another tomb to your left over a jump. Inside is a relic but you'll have to watch out for the closing traps!

Red Skull 6
Located on top of the tomb mentioned above.

Red Skull 7 and 8
You'll be going back into the tomb you first explored, but at the section you could not previously reach. Now navigate the platforms and grab the 2 red skulls.

Health Upgrade
This is in the same area as the above skulls, but on the platform most towards your screen in the far back.

Red Skull 9
This skull can be obtained earlier with the Submachine Gun weapon you picked up. If you missed it, it's okay because you pass by this area again. You'll come out of the tomb listed above. Destroy the pillars and you'll find it.

Red Skull 10
As you are nearing the end of the level you will be jumping from platform to platform while fighting enemies. On your left is a platform that looks hard to jump to, but you can make it and get a red skull that is hidden there.

YouTube- Twisting Bridge: Collectibles Guide

E vee dub
12-16-2011, 04:46 PM
I was able to get my time trial in 4:50 of the 6:00.
And I died once (got knocked off a platform by an enemy).

Thanks for the video to show the way.

LARA CROFT: GUARDIAN OF LIGHT 200/200G, Dec 17th, 2011

07-03-2013, 11:56 PM
I can't even fully express how thankful I am for guides like these. :-D

07-02-2014, 08:18 PM
That last skull was a tricky one, thanks!