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Toxic Swamp

In this level you will have to open gates in order to continue on. Kill the gate guardians and go into tombs to destroy the gate controls.

Weapons: 2
Relics: 2
Artifacts: 4
Power Ups: 6

Score Challenge


Reward: Weapon: Hand Cannons

This level has tons of enemies, but you must be very careful not to get too careless while fighting them, as there are poison plants everywhere. Also when killing enemies, be extra aware of the green enemies you fight. After killing them, they will leave a poison cloud behind, so keep your distance. There are a lot of gems on this stage, one big group of them early on in the level. Use your spear to jump to them on the right of a cliff area (check your map).

Reward Challenges

Collect 10 Red Skulls

Reward: Relic:Golden Arrow of Tezcatlipoca

Challenge: Clear the maze without taking any poison damage

Reward: Artifact: Stone Lizard

YouTube- Toxic Swamp Challenge: Clear Maze Taking No Poison Damage

Challenge: Heal the rolling ball

Reward: Health Powerup

YouTube- Toxic Swamp Challenge: Heal Rolling Ball

Challenge: Get the spinning ball into its fire pit in 00:30 or less

Reward: Ammo Powerup

YouTube- Toxic Swamp Challenge: Ball into fire pit in 30:00 or less

Challenge: Reach the exit in 9:00 or less

Reward: Artifact: Gold Arrow

YouTube- Lara Croft Time Challenge: Toxic Swamp

Collectibles Walkthrough:

Ammo Upgrade
As soon as the level starts, above you by the door is an Ammo Upgrade. Just grapple up and grab it.

Red Skulls 1 and 2
Continue on until you can go right, or left to a bridg. Go right and grab the skull on the plants. Go up the steps to your right and there's a skull on top of the tomb.

Artifact: Stone Feather
Inside the tomb where the red skull was on top of, go down where the spiked boulder is spinning. Destroy it and move the boulder in front of the three green poison plants. They will explode and catapult the boulder on the next level where you can put it on the fire to get the artifact.

Weapon: Grenade Launcher
This is story related and you will have to get this to open the first gate.

Red Skull 3
When you find a health replenishing spot after opening the gate, go up and jump on the stone piece and then jump on land. Use a spear to get on top of the tomb and grab the skull.

Relic: Three arrows of Tezcatlipoca
Once inside the tomb mentioned above, use your grenade launcher to shoot the boulder into the fire pit. Now you can grab the relic when the gate opens.

Red Skull 4
Once you defeat the giant swamp guardian defending the second gate, start heading back to the health regen. The swamp is cleared of the poison mist now. You should notice on your way, a ladder leading high up a pillar. On top is the skull.

Red Skull 5
Now back at the health regen, go to the bottom left of that area and you'll find another skull on a pillar with plants on the bottom. Use a spear.

Challenge: Clear the maze without taking any poison damage
You have to go through this maze to open the second gate. You can take damage, just not poison damage. Roll frequently. Jump over the last 3 plants to hit a pressure plate, then on the bridge you will have to stand on one pressure plate and destroy the machines that control the gate.

Challenge: Heal the Rolling Ball
You'll notice a boulder by the tomb to the right. You'll have to take it all the way back to the health regen area. Once you're at a ramp you'll have to remote detonate a bomb to make it go to higher ground, as you aren't able to physically roll it yourself.

Red Skull 6
You should spot this skull after you use your spear to get up a ledge where you'll be attacked by enemies. It's on a platform with gems to your left.

Health Upgrade
You'll see this as you're crossing the next area with your grapple. Grapple down, and slowly climb up to the middle to grab it.

Red Skull 7
Before going over the giant bridge on the map, to the right of that bridge are some stairs (this may even be the way you chose to go to get to the bridge). Right by the stairs is the skull.

Red Skull 8
While going on the bridge, it will start falling apart. The skull is on the right portion and you'll see it for sure.

Red Skull 9
Once you get to the third gate which is locked, Head down the stairs and keep heading down and you'll see the skull on one of the ladder pillars.

Health Upgrade
Next to that area you'll see a ledge, you can use a spear to jump on it and grab the health powerup there.

Ammo Upgrade
Inside of the tomb you have to complete to open the last gate, there's an easy to see ammo upgrade. Just jump and run in a u-turn fashion to grab it.

Artifact: Gold Owl
You'll find this in the tomb with the spinning ball that's associated with a challenge. Instead of putting it on the fire pit, place it on a pressure plate on the last set of spike traps (it's colored different). Now run back up to where you may have noticed the glowing artifact behind a gate at the top where the ball was. You can work on the challenge at a different time.

Challenge: Get the spinning ball into its fire pit in 00:30
You'll have to make sure when you remote mine the ball it flies down the stairs. Remote detonating it over the spikes is a good idea. If that's not happening with position, then roll it and let go or else you'll die on the pressure plates. Continue down until you get to the fire and hopefully you did it fast enough.

Red Skull 10
This is on the seperate island after you have gone through the third gate and put the stone on the fire. Look at your map and you'll see the lone pillar on the island. Climb up it to grab the last skull.

YouTube- Toxic Swamp Collectibles Guide

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