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Forgotten Gate

This level focuses on getting 8 boulders onto pressure pedestals to open a gate. You can stand on a pressure plate at the end if you want, allowing you to gain access with only 7. Then you must go through a hallway filled with traps to the exit.

Weapons: 2
Relics: 2
Artifacts: 3
Power Ups: 6

Score Challenge


Reward: Weapon: Double Barrel Shotgun

You'll want to explore the whole level, going into the tombs especially to grab extra points. If you can manage to not get hit, you'll be in extra good shape. Your main kills will come from the enemies that arrive whe you get to certain checkpoints by the main gate.

Reward Challenges

Collect 10 Red Skulls

Rewad: Artifact: Clay Arrow

Challenge: Reach the exit in 10:00 or less

Reward: Relic: Golden Scepter of Cihuacoatl

YouTube- Lara Croft GoL Forgotten Gate Time Trial

Challenge: Get all the balls to the main room

Reward: Ammo Upgrade

There are 8 total balls to get to the main room. Once they are in the main room (not needing to be on the pressure plates) you will get the challenge completed.

Challenge: Navigate the trap hall on the first attempt

Reward: Artifact: Gold Lizard

YouTube- Forgotten Gate Challenge: Navigate hallway on first attempt

Challenge: Bomb a ball onto the skull pedestal

Reward: Health Powerup

YouTube- Forgotten Gate Challenge: Bomb a ball onto skull pedesta

Collectibles Walkthrough:

Red Skull 1
Going up the stairs from the start of the level and hitting a pressure plate
to go through a gate, you'll notice a health pickup, a red skull, and a tomb to enter. After taking care of all the enemies, jump to the skull and instantly roll or jump back or the spikes will kill you.

Health Upgrade
The gate to the health upgrade will automatically open after dispatching the enemies.

Artifact: Stone Arrow
This is located in the tomb. Plant a remote bomb by the target. Hook the
grapple on the ring, and stand so the rope goes over the spikes just below the artifact. Now detonate your bomb (still holding on to the rope) and it will raise. You can now jump and climb using the rope to get the artifact.

Weapon: Lightweight Machine Pistols
Climb down the ladder after grabbing everything else, these really can't be missed.

Ammo Upgrade
Once all the way down the ladders you'll notice an ammo upgrade and spike traps. Jump from over the first pressure plate and land on the second, running all the way around and exiting. That will lower the middle trap.

Red Skulls 2 and 3
You will find these as you travel through the level. There is a fork in the path, one path leading left and the other leading awa from the screen. Go to the left route first to find it on a ledge (this area is a dead end). Now go back down the other path but watch out for the spike pressure traps it's on.

Relic: Sceptor of Huitzilopochtli
Making your way through the level you'll go up some stairs and find a gate with blue flames on it. Head through and you'll see a boulder resting on a pillar. Climb the ladders on the right and head inside the tomb. Kill the enemies and jump over to the relic.

Health Upgrade
This health upgrade is right above a ball within a spike trap. Pull the handle switch and use the ball to jump up to it.

Challenge: Bomb a ball onto a stone pedastal
You'll find a ball in the middle of a bunch of spikes shortly after the last tomb. Now pull the switch and move the ball. Try to use remote bombs to make it land on the pedastal. Might take several attempts.

Red Skulls 4 and 5
From the spot where there's a caged area with a hole (where you step on the sides to get the boulders to drop through) head up to the right. Grapple over the gap. On the right side of this area you can fall off to a red skull. For the other one, place a bomb next to the pillar with the boulder on it. Stand on the pressure plate to lower the pillar. Detonate the bomb and us the boulder that fell off to put on the plate. Put another bomb by the ball and stand on the pillar while it's down. Detonate and you will rise up to find another red skull.

Ammo Upgrade
The ball that has spike traps in front and a grapple on the side (this ball is the highest on the left side of the level) has an ammo upgrade by it. It's extremely easy to see, and all you have to do is put the ball on the pressure pad to open the gate with the upgrade.

Challenge: Get all balls into the main room
This is a really easy challenge, just make sure every ball is on the bottom floor with the pressure plates. There are a total of 8 though only 7 are needed to open the gate itself (because you can stand on the last one). You need all 8 for the challenge to complete, not just have opened the gate.

Red Skulls 6 through 10
The first skull you must destroy a stone coffin at the start. The rest of the skulls are laying on the ground throughought this hall.

Challenge: Navigate the trap hall on the first attempt
From the time you get into the gate, to the time you exit the level, you must not die. Roll forward when the spike walls start closing in on you. Running normally and jumping with the falling path make that part easy. Once you get to the next closing spiked walls, move forward whenever the one right behind you is closing. Near the end of that section the ones in front of you start closing so be extra careful. After this is another falling path area, but this time boulders falling from the sky are what break it. Just always make sure you are jumping over the gaps the boulders make (pay attention to the shadows). The very last thing is a huge boulder falling, so roll to the right of it and head to the exit.

YouTube- Lara Croft: Forgotten Gate Collectibles Guide

09-05-2010, 08:27 PM
Errr...where are Red Skulls 2 and 3??

Edit: Guess I should have played the rest of the level before I posted this. Still random why they aren't included in the guide though.

09-06-2010, 09:23 AM
Errr...where are Red Skulls 2 and 3??

Edit: Guess I should have played the rest of the level before I posted this. Still random why they aren't included in the guide though.

It was accidently not included. I had the videos but somehow they didn't end up in the final video. I have now added them as well as the description. Appreciate the heads up

Lord of Fate
10-16-2011, 10:11 PM
Sucks that you have to restart the whole level all over if you don't succeed in navigating the trap hall on the first attempt..wish you could try again from the start of the hall. This part of the game is pretty unforgiving.. ;)

EDIT: Nevermind, finished the hall-in-one-go part, wasn't actually as bad as I thought.....it's the 10:00 time trial that's killin me!

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Health Pickup gate wont open!

11-12-2012, 09:35 AM
same for me... I kill all enemies but gate for health powerup is still there

02-08-2014, 07:24 PM
The gate opens by activating both spike traps, not by killing the enemies.

03-08-2014, 07:53 AM
The gate opens by activating both spike traps, not by killing the enemies.

Thanks man great info !