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Temple Grounds

This is the first level to introduce you to more of an open level with a map. The main objective is to find the 3 missing sun discs and open the Spider Tomb. It's very straight forward, but this mission has tons of collectibles (the most of any level).

Weapons: 4
Relics: 2
Artifacts: 4
Power Ups: 8

Score Challenge


Reward: Weapon: Automatic Shotgun

This level will require you to explore a lot to get all the points, making sure you grab the gems and kill all the enemies. Coming back later when you have better weapons and gear will make it extremely easy.

Reward Challenges

Collect 10 Red Skulls

Reward: Relic: Golden Scepter of Huitzilopochitli

Challenge: Open the Spider Tomb in 5:00 or less

Reward: Artifact: Gold Owl

YouTube- Lara Croft Time Challenge: Temple Grounds

Challenge: Cross the river without touching the water

Reward: Health Powerup

YouTube- Temple Grounds Challenge: Cross River without touching water

Challenge: Find and defeat the Giant Demon Lizard

Reward: Ammo Powerup

YouTube- Temple Grounds Challenge Giant Demon Lizard

Challenge: Destroy all the truck

Reward: Artifact: Clay Lizard

These are spread out through the level, there are 10 total. View the walkthrough below to find all locations.

Collectibles Walkthrough:

Red Skull 1
When you start, head down the steps and then Lara's right into the forest area.

Red Skull 2
Instead of going straight on the path, (after getting last collectible) go down towards the bottom right of the screen.

Challenge: Destroy all the trucks (Truck 1 and 2)
These are the introduction to this challenge, they are near each other and easy to spot just as you go down the stairs to the first area.

Red Skull 3
Moving along the first bridge, you'll notice this to your right on the statue.

Ammo Upgrade
Traval South from the Spider Tomb entrance and you'll notice this high up on a stone pillar. Use your spear.

Weapon: Bolt Action Rifle
Right next to the first ammo upgrade (to the right) are some explosive boxes. Blow them up to destroy the wall and it's inside that section.

Ammo Upgrade
Same as last ammo upgrade, opposite direction (North and a little West) on a pillar.

Red Skull 4
West of the last ammo upgrade, by a broken bridge in the water (might have to travel South a litte).

Challenge: Destroy all the trucks (Truck 3)
As you move down the steps trying to find the sun disc, you'll notice it laying on it's side.

Health Upgrade
Move across the bridge after going down the steps and go South East. You'll notice the health upgrade on a pillar. Move the boulder that falls near there to jump up and grab it using your spear.

Challenge: Giant Demon Lizard
This fight will happen when trying to get the above health upgrade.

Artifact Clay Owl
After grabbing the sun disc, look at your map and go to the structure on the map next to the double stairs. Defeat the enemies and once inside, use a few spears by launching them as you go up/down the stairs.

Red Skull 5
After exiting the tomb, use the pillars to the right of it (one is a ramp) and jump on top of the tomb for the skull.

Red Skull 6
Going to the other side of the map, you'll have to cross the river. There's a waterfall at the North most part of the river and the skull is behind it.

Challenge: Cross river without touching water
You can grab the red skull before this if you want and can fall in the river as many attempts as it takes you. Start before the river, and jump to each stone until you get to the other side.

Health Upgrade
Heading down the river from where you got the skull under the waterfall, you'll notice there's a broken bridge and enemies will attack you. Under the chunk of the start of the bridge, is the health upgrade.

Red Skull 7
Before you head up the twin stairs on the map, head down and you'll find the red skull on a pillar.

Destroy all the trucks (Truck 4 and 5)
After you cross the collapsing twin bridges, they are just to the left of the steps.

Destroy all the trucks (Truck 6 and 7)
Now go North up in the opposite direction and destroy the trucks most likely while killing the enemies.

Red Skull 8
Just to the left of the area with the trucks, on a box covered by some bushes.

Relic: Arrow of Tezcatlipoca
Just right of the above area is a tomb. Go inside and complete the puzzle by moving the boulders on the various pressure points.

Weapon: Shotgun
Now head towards your primary objective and up the stairs. It's easily spotted on that area where you must do the bomb puzzle.

Destroy all the trucks (Truck 8)
Down the stairs after collecting the 2nd sun disc by where the enemies spawn.

Ammo Upgrade
As you start heading down a wooden bridge from the previous truck, you'll see it high up on a ledge. Use the slant of the bridge and throw spears to get up to that area.

Artifact: Stone Feather
Once you reach the spike pit you must jump over, use the spear on the wall on the other side to climb up and grab the artifact.

Destroy all the trucks (Truck 9)
Just after the last artifact, hard to miss.

Red Skull 9
You'll find a broken bridge with water (the Sun Disc Tomb Entrance). Ignore it for now and continue on to the other side where you'll find the next skull.

Red Skull 10
This is a little bit hard to see at first but it is on top of the tomb entrance. Use your spear at the top of the little hill area, then run back down and use another one to jump from to the top.

Destroy all the trucks (Truck 10)
After getting the last sun disc and exiting the tomb, you'll find the truck on it's side, next to a pillar.

Health Upgrade
Before going down those stairs, head to your right to and hang off the ledge of the broken bridge there.

YouTube- Temple Grounds: Collectibles Guide

01-18-2014, 07:13 AM
You only have 3 of the weapons listed here (including the one for beating the level quickly)

01-25-2014, 06:37 PM
I don't know what game you're playing, but a lot of these directions/descriptions are fucking terrible. South? There is no damn south, at least in a night level...

02-06-2014, 09:27 PM
Bolt Action Rifle. To find this go to the first ammo upgrade on this list (the one that you have to jump up the pillars to get). Go directly to the screens right and you will come to a wall with some rubble as part of the wall. Blow it up to find it.

Alternately Go down from the very first bridge hugging the cliff and around the wall to the right. Keep going and you will see in and a small slit in the wall for you to go through. the video kind of shows where this is.

03-18-2014, 12:42 AM
You only have 3 of the weapons listed here (including the one for beating the level quickly)
I was actually wondering about this myself after completing the level & getting 4 weapons using only the written guide,I couldn't help wondering where the 4th one came from but it's one of those so obvious that you don't really think about it cause it's of course the SMG or whatever kind of machine gun :AR15 that she picks up as soon as the level starts lol :rolleyes: