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08-29-2010, 09:37 AM
hi all and sorry for my bad english :|

i have a problem with achievement on doom2 so i explain to you :

- I was playing doom 2 campagn and was in the last level ( lvl 30 ) then i was disconnected from xbox live, and i finished the level and the game at the same time being disconnected from xbox live.
- Achievement unlocked : 25G finish doom2 campagn
- I returned to main menu of doom then i looked to my gamerscore : the achievement is unlocked but my gamerscore didn t update the 25G.
So it said 85/200 instead of 110G on doom2. it also written 7/12 achievements instead of 8/12 unlocked on my screen.

So what to do ? i tried to finish again the last level of the game but it didn work :(

And i have a question : when i m not connected to xbox live, why all my live arcade game i bought become a demo ? :/ and when i m connected, it s full game, i can t play my live arcade game when i m connect on live...

thank you all and sorry again for my bad english and explainations...

09-06-2010, 05:31 PM
Firstly you English isn't too bad :P Secondly, try deleting your gamer tag and recovering it i had a problem where i had 15 GS missing from my total achievements i deleted my gamer tag and recovered it and then it was fine,

And as for your second question your games are linked to your xbox console so if you have downloaded it around a friends house with your hard drive you have to be online to use the content same as if you downloaded it with one xbox which then broke on your new xbox you can only play it online, though some games such as the free ones (Dash of destruction, Aegis wings (if you have access to it) don't do that even transfering the licenses doesn't really help.

Hope this info helps you :)