View Full Version : splinter cell morals

03-19-2006, 06:29 PM
i was wondering how u guys decide whether to kill ppl or to simply KO them in splinter cell, aside from the ppl that u have 2 kill or the missions where u cant kill ny1.

i like to kind of make a joke out of whether i kill them or not; if i capture them from behind to interrogate them and they say stuff like "i wont say anything to you!" then i kill them. if they cooperate well, i just KO them. or sometimes, i KO them near the edge of a cliff or something and let them die by falling down to the bottom.

if i dont capture them, i just kill them based on if they act stupid such as letting me slip rite past them or saying stupid things like "what was that?" or "is there something there?" when they c me clearly in the light or like if theyre in the john or if theyre warming their hands by a fire instead of doing their job.

but i always kill them if theres a cool way to kill them, such as drowning them, door bashing them, or choking them from above while i hang onto a pipe.

this may seem like a stupid system to u, and u may just kill evry1 regardless of what they say and do, but i like to pretend my games are real life becuz it adds another layer to the game.

03-21-2006, 12:12 AM
Perhaps you like splinter cell a little too much lol ;)
I must say though, the splinter series is great and at some point Im going to collect them all. Tom Clancy games rule.