View Full Version : JV Loading Screen Freeze

jeffy x360a
09-08-2010, 02:12 AM
anyone got this freezing glitch in the new DLC? mines glitched out at 64% im so pissed but i guess ill just replay it as i know whats going on anyway. god these crappy glitches that companies dont fix piss me off. mine freezes on the loading screen like the people who had issues with chapter 14 and 15.

better add i cleared cache, redownloaded dlc, installed game, and tried loading another save which loaded fine.

EDIT: dangit i read some forums where people said robbing shops caused there game to glitch in chapter 14 and 15. i just thought of something. i stole money from the register during the tara bar mission. i wonder if this is what is causing my loading screen glitch.